Russia Reveals that the IDF Attacked Iranian Targets with 40 Cruise Missiles


The Russian Foreign Ministry reveals that Israel has intensified its operations in Syria with the latest round of attacks, targeting Iranian installations in the Damascus area. The Russians report that Israel has carried out four attacks in the last ten days. Among other things, the Russians claim that IAF jets flew over Jordan.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, which has already condemned the IAF attacks on Syria, released information that may embarrass Israel and its neighbors, claiming the IDF has intensified its operations in Syria.

Among other things, it is alleged that the IAF carried out the attack earlier this week with about 40 cruise missiles, and that Israel has attacked four times in the past ten days at various locations around Syria.

According to the Russians, the first attack was nine days ago, targeting the home of Deputy Commander of the Islamic Jihad, Akram el-Ajour, in the el-Mahe neighborhood. He was not at home, but his son and another man were killed in that attack. The report states that at 4:14AM, the IAF fighter planes flew over the Galil and fired three missiles towards Damascus. The Syrian air defense system downed one of the missiles before it struck the intended targeted. Two additional missiles struck the terrorist commander’s home.

The report states the second attack was last Monday, when fighter jets crossed into Jordanian and Iraqi airspace and targeted objectives along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The third attack reportedly occurred on the night during which the Iranian militiamen fired rockets into the Golan Heights. According to the report, in the IAF retaliatory attack, objectives near the international airport in Damascus were struck.

The fourth Israeli attack according to the Russian Foreign Ministry took place on Wednesday night, during which the IDF fired 40 cruise missiles, an attack which Russia called “a wrong move”.

A Russian condemnatory statement reads: “These events have caused great concern and resentment in Moscow. We believe that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and other nations in the region must be respected. So far, Israeli actions have increased tensions and the potential for conflict around Syria, and they are acting contrary to efforts towards achieving stability and a political resolution in Syria.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “We believe that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and other nations in the region must be respected”. This coming from Russia who invaded Ukraine / Crimea is laughable.

  2. We see that Israel seems to do whatever the heck it wants and the nations surrounding it are basically powerless. So where are the existential threats I keep hearing about? Why would Charedim be needed for the army?

  3. Russia is saying that Syria and the other nations in the regions must be respected so those who out right say they want the destruction of Israel Israel should allow them to build up their arsenals so they can wipe israel out one day go figure

  4. The Russians can say what they want. This is about Iran not Syria. Israel is not concerned with Syria right now. Let them achieve their political stability as much as they want. Again this is about Iran. Period

  5. When did (i) Russia become the publicity arm of the IDF, and (ii) anyone start believing Russia.

    And, to TTSC, the IDF has done fine without the Chareidim, but secular Israelis – and the Israeli government – think the Chareidim ought to support the country that supports them. And, who knows, maybe the Chareidim would make great soldiers, whether or not Hashem stand behind them and helps.