Airline Halts Service – Dozens of Israeli Stranded in Turkey

AMSTERDAM-SCHIPHOL - FEB 16, 2016: AtlasGlobal Airlines Airbus A320 take-off from Amsterdam Schiphol airport in The Netherlands

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The Turkish airline ‘Atlas Global’ suddenly announced it was halting all of its flights until mid-December. As a result of the decision, dozens of Israelis found themselves stranded in Turkey without a return ticket home. Some of them simply purchased a ticket from another airline, wishing to get back home to Israel.

The announcement came on Tuesday, without warning, causing an immediate halt of all flights. This includes flights from Turkey to Israel, leaving dozens of Israelis stranded.

The airline began flights to and from Israel about 2.5 years ago and had regular flights to and from Istanbul. Of late, flights were introduced to and from Antalya too.

The airline explained the sudden decision is intended to assist in improving its cash flow.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. No Israeli is “stranded” in Turkey. As the article notes, there are other airlines flying daily to EY from Instanbul with both direct and connecting flights and most passengers have just purchased tickets and learned their lesson regarding saving a few NIS on a discount airline. The fares are not that high as to make it impossible to rebook without taking out a second mortgage.

    About 3 or 4 times a year we read similar stories. If yidden haven’t learned by now, they obviously are willing to take the risks and have their own contingency plans.

  2. This is not the regular Turkish airlines that flies from JFK via Istanbul
    It is a low fare airlines connected to Turkish.
    This was a scare to me – I am leaving from JFK tonight – I checked it out – Regular Turkish Airlines continues as normal.

  3. Gadolhadorah- Typical for a Trump hater like yourself to be completely out of touch with reality and to speak so arrogantly regarding other peoples’ misfortune!