INSANE: See How This Bnei Brak Man Deals With Ads On Bus He Finds To Be Not Tzniyus!


One can see in the attached video a chareidi man dangerously riding a bicycle on Rabbi Akiva Street in Bnei Brak following right behind a bus.

When the bus stops, he uses the time to tear off the face of a woman appearing in the ad on the rear of the Dan Company bus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. First, the headline is inaccurate. It’s not something that only “he finds to be not tznius”. The ad is, objectively speaking, not tznius, even if others are more so.

    Second, the short article is also misleading, making it sound inaccurately like he is so bothered by a photo of a woman’s face. If you actually watch the entire video posted here, he uses the time to remove as much of the ad as he can, not just the face, because the entire picture is not tznius, even if, again, others are more so.

    Finally, back to the headline, it isn’t “INSANE” to rip off a poster from a stationary object. As noted in the article and as seen in the video, the bus stops at a red light before he rips that poster/ad, not while he and the bus are in motion.

    I realize that clicks count, but this could really have been both headlined and written more accurately.

  2. I would note that there has been an on going understanding for many years not to put any ladies on adverts on busses that go through frum areas, much the same as many frum magazines and indeed as used to be the policy of YWN.

    Additionally what do you mean by “he finds to be not Tzniyus? It is a fact, by basic torah law, she was not dressed Tzniyus!

  3. and i ask you, YWN, in reponse to that headline, do you find that woman dressed tzniyus? well theres halachos out there- i`d say check em out

  4. The truth of the matter is that I feel public signs are there to be pulled down if the reader disagrees. I once pulled down a sign telling us that the army is evil; my sons went into the army and came out frum.

    some one asked me how I am able to do that. I told him anyone can put up signs, so what is the difference if I put up signs or tear one down…….

  5. A few comments:
    Even though he covers her face one could still lust over her arms.
    He is wearing a helmet, so when he gets run over he’ll only have chest injuries.
    Be ready for the campaign to collect for him once he is injured.
    He really needs a job

  6. I haven’t asked one of the Gedolim, but it seems to me he’s done a big mitzvah….Maybe if more people did that- it would stop the chilonim trying to stuff their pritzus down the throats of Bnei Torah who live in Bnei Brak. If someone tore down a pork selling stand in the street in Meah Shearim you’d have a problem with that? Exactly what problem???
    How about if that pork stand was in the chotzer of your shull?

  7. I have an issue with the headline: “He Finds To Be Not Tzniyus!”!?????

    No, The Torah finds them not to be tznius. Not just him. and he’s 100% right for doing this.

  8. And this is insane because????
    What’s insane is how people think it’s even semi normal for a woman to prostitutes herself in public to sell products

  9. First of all this is not new. This happens all the time is E’Y. Usually one guy blocks the bus and Ana other rips it off. Secondly I don’t think this is insane. The buses should know not to use such advertisements on busses that pass through ultra orthodox communities.

  10. I take issue with your headline. Why is this “Insane”? And why do you write “He finds to not be tznius” as if others don’t? It seems to be not tznius according to halacha

  11. שתבא עליו ברכה
    That ad is provocative and has no business being posted within the streets of Bnei Brak. Does anyone feel differently? In Bnei Brak it doesn’t belong.

  12. Avi k
    That is Probably by far the dumbest comment ever written.
    Nobody gave him a hetter to look at it
    That’s why he tore it off.
    Who gave them a hetter to shove it in people’s faces is the better question, though the answer is. Nobody. That’s why he tore it off.

  13. Yitzi45, what an idiot you are! Although a pork stand would bother me immensely, if it is on public property then destroying it would be considered Geneivah and a Chillul Hashem because it’s PUBLIC PROPERTY! If this were done in a shul, then because it is privately owned, the shul administration can call the police for trespassing. If you ever step outside in your life you’ll notice that most restaurants and items in a supermarket are not kosher. Do you tear apart the Shoprite butcher department because they sell treif?

    For all those that find any female’s face to be untznious, you should pull out the plug of your computer and live according to your own beliefs and ways. You aren’t living in the way of the Torah, Rabbonim, or the beliefs of YWN. Kudos to YWN for bringing this story to the attention.

  14. Avi K:
    On the off-chance that your post wasn’t pure Maskilic leitzanus:
    He obviously didn’t intentionally look at the ad, but given its position on the back of a bus, he happened to see it. Once he saw it, he avoided looking at it further and determined that others should not face a similar issue.

  15. I simply do not understand the mission of YWN? Can the editor please explain to the public why you single out negatively issues that concern the Frum community ? Why is it that you can not give a positive spin on it? Have you become just like the mainstream media that thinks only FAKE news and Negative news will sell? Who are you trying to impress? This article could have been spun as the Transportation Authority NOT being culturally sensitive to the frum community. MTA going through frum Williamsburg in NYC is cognizant of the culture and tries to work with the community for exactly that….. being culturally sensitive. The bus stops ad is geared for the local community with heimishe Chanukah ads up now. If there are complaints about indecent ads they address it positively. Do you not see the difference.
    We are in Moshiach’s time. The Satmar Rebbe wrote in v’Yoel Moshe that it will come a time when a frum Shomer Torah Mitvos person will have a hard time to live in Eretz Yisroel. He loved Eretz Yisroel and bemoaned that fact!! Shouldn’t we bemoan it too, instead of putting blame on our frum brother??? I would like YWN to answer us on this one. Thanks

  16. If the bus is driving through a friend area then I support his actions 100%. There’s nothing dangerous and nothing violent here. Bus companies need to respect religious people.

  17. ” This article could have been spun as the Transportation Authority NOT being culturally sensitive to the frum community…”
    Yes, but the editors are not here to “spin” the news stories either way. I have taken exception when stories about certain political leaders are teased with older and unflattering photos that are totally unrelated to the current story in a manner clearly designed to convey a political values judgement. Likewise, here the focus was factual and straight….a disgruntled chareidi vandalized an ad legally placed on a public bus. This individual was a ganov for destroying private property as well as denying the advertiser the commercial benefits of the ad. If he objected, he should have filed a complaint with Eged (or other busline) objecting to the content. He has zero legal right to vandalize the ad.

  18. If the bus companies want their advertisements on buses in charedi to stay up, they should be tznius. It’s that simple. Anything less shows a lack of respect and company which placed the advert only has themselves to blame for not respecting the needs of frum Jews.

  19. Let the truth be told:
    …viHaKesef yaaneh es haKol.

    Nobody claimed there was a heter to deface someone else’s property. That’s very much not the point.

  20. To all those asking for the heter to deface property that is blatantly against Hashem and his laws
    The ques. should be directed at the Maccabees being that they must have destroyed a whole lot of public property while battling the Greeks

  21. @LetTheTruthBeTold
    Nicely said.
    But you don’t need to expect YWN to put a “positive spin” on stories, even if they would not put any spin at all and just give over the news AS Is we would be in a much better position.

  22. All those “concerned ” about gezel
    So I assume you hold avrohom avinu was over on gezel when he smashed all the idols in his fathers store?
    Some value system you got going there!!!

  23. What right did he have to pull it down?
    Well what would you say if someone bought the right to attach a metal pole perpendicular to the side of the city bus so that as it drives down the block it smashes every car window it passes.
    Would you ask what right someone has to remove that pole?
    Or is it only because you don’t understand / believe the damage that occurs when someone views such material so you don’t understand why he is allowed to take it down.

    He is fully permitted, he gets multiple Mitzvos for doing it.

  24. Yes if someone figured out a way to force Jews to eat pork, I’d be fully justified in destroying their apparatus
    I don’t trash the supermarket for multiple reasons
    There are non Jewish customers
    Nobody is forcing anyone to eat or even buy anything from there

  25. For all those who are worried about Gezel , etc. TGIShabbos Please learn some gemara before posting your DAAS Torah and saying that not living according to Torah.

    the Gemara says a story about an AMORA that ripped off (and apparently ruined) a non-tziunosidik dress from a woman. Did this amora also do kneged hatorah???

    From the gemara its clear that the gemara speaks about the tzitkus of this amora (even if it happened to be that it was a roman woman and she took him to court who made him pay 400 ziz for the dress he ruined)

    if someone is shooting with a gun in public property and harming people, maybe we can’t do anything becuase its GEZEL?

    someone that goes in an area where people are trying to guard their eyes and keep holy , and dresses untziusdik , is harming people.

    it says this in all the sefarim.. a woman that goes out and makes people have bad thoughts .. is going to suffer for all the sins that came out becuase of this.

    If world would have been world and someone goes non-tzinusdik they would take that woman and do what they do in Iran and give her Lashes.

    Liberalism that I can do anything and mind your own business, its public property, etc. , this is NEGED HATORAH . The gemara has several stories of Beis Din giving lashes even if they did not be over a chiuv Malkus ,just to make sure that nobody follows that way.

    of course, if he saw this ad and on a zeolus moment went to tear this off , its a big mitzvah.

    before you go an post your DASS TORAH , and say that its against the torah , first go learn something.

    Das Bal Habayis is NEGED das torah

  26. Yes YES YESYES!!!!! I couldnt be more proud of the majority of the posters here celebrating this man for doing the right thing! Mi L’HASHEM AILOV!
    For All Those Who Say Hes A Ganav. Perhaps You Forgot The Gemara Of R’ Yehuda Pulling Off The Non-Tznius Accessory Worn By A Woman In The Time Of The Gemara. The Gemara Concludes That It Was That Merit That He Was Answered Speedily From Shmayim!!!
    Its NOT geneiva to fill up a Bor B’rishus Harabim. Those who are complaining that its genaiva are “Ainom misgaros b’rishoim; mipnei shelibam nokfam”.
    And Shame to you YWN for portraying this man as violent and irresponsible, Just the opposite, you passive aggressive holier-than-thou idiots.

  27. For clarification purposes, The above mentioned gemora which talks of R’ Yehuda pulling off a garment that wasnt tzniusdig, lends itself to a question many idiots ask that its more not tzniusdik to be unclothed? truth is though that that is a fundamental error in the gemara,, as the clothing there is an accessory not her garment. Your welcome

  28. It’s the marketing technique here. YWN spreads more of such videos and posts which leads to more anti semitism which leads to more attacks which leads to more clicks! Brilliant.