TRAGEDY: In 3rd Flu-Related Death In 4 Days, 19-Year-Old Is Niftar From Flu Complication


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Shaarei Tzedek Hospital announced on Tuesday that a 19-year-old from the yishuv of Neria in Binyamin passed away from complications of the flu.

Hillel Dachvash, who is a talmid of a yeshivah in Elon Moreh, was sick for a few days and on Monday he collapsed and MDA paramedics were called and found him without a pulse. They began CPR and evacuated him to the hospital where he arrived in serious condition. The doctors at the hospital succeeded in restoring his pulse and attached him to an ECMO machine. However his condition continued to deteriorate and the doctors were forced to announce his death a few hours later.

On Tuesday morning, a three-year-old girl with underlying health conditions died from the flu and three days ago, a 14-year old girl, also with underlying health conditions, died in Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer from complications of the flu.

A ten-year-old girl is in the ICU after her kidneys failed as a result of flu complications and in a particularly rare case, a 40-year old man with no underlying health issues is also hospitalized in the ICU and attached to a heart-lung machine as a result of the flu.

Dr. Meir Ezra Elia, a founder of an initiative to increase vaccination rates in Israel, said: “The flu is not the ‘cold’ we all know. It is a dangerous and contagious disease that can cause pneumonia and ear and sinus infections. Also, in rare cases, it can cause encephalitis, myocarditis and more. In some cases, the flu can even cause multi-organ failure and death. The flu is already here, but it’s not too late to get vaccinated.”

Prof. Chagai Levine, head of the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians, told Ynet that “this year, dozens of flu patients have been hospitalized across the country, some requiring intensive care. We’re seeing a rise in morbidity from previous years.”

Israel’s Health Ministry is concerned about the number of people seriously ill with the flu and the low vaccination rate of only 16% of the population. The morbidity rate from the flu has risen significantly from the beginning of the winter compared to the same period last year.

The Director of the Health Ministry, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, called on the public to be vaccinated against the flu and added: This year, the number of people with the flu has gone up tremendously. The flu began earlier this year and it’s rising at a fast rate with a high morbidity rate. There’s a solution – go get vaccinated.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. People should read the insert where it says “ getting the flu shot doesn’t prevent you from getting the flu” most incidences are from the actual flu vaccine or the tamiflu( which shut down the girls kidneys). So stop pushing the flu shot that the manufacturer claims doesn’t even work!!

  2. I posted before Rosh Hashana that I took the flu shot. So far two people at work and one person I know on Facebook got the flu. But poo-poo-poo not me. No side effects and the vaccine is working like a champ. One guy at work healthy as a horse and only 30 years old ended up in the hospital. So sad for him.

  3. Why does every flu story end with a push to vaccinate? Especially when said victims were vaccinated. Flu shot has never been effective at preventing the flu and has NEVER proven or even claim to prevent flu complications, hospitalization or death. The flu shot however can cause all the above complications in those victims and most likely did.

  4. Chance: Where in the article does it say that “getting the flu shot doesn’t prevent you from getting the flu”??? Nor have any of the major flu vaccine manufacturers (Sanofi, Novartis’s and GlaxoSmithKline ever stated “it doesn’t work”
    Multiple peer-reviewed studies by the CDC conducted over multiple flu seasons have shown that getting a flu shot lessened the risk of severe influenza among adults, including reducing the risk of hospitalization and admission to ICUs and also lessened the severity of symptoms and complications from the flu virus. That is a lot different than your deliberate distortion of saying “it doesn’t work”. Please save your mindless anti-vax rants for those who appreciate such garbage.

  5. Chance, you’re really taking a “chance”. It’s well documented that flu shots decrease the chance catching the flu compared to placebo, and it’s well documented that vaccinated people that get sick have milder disease than unvaccinated. Flu shots do not cause the flu; not most, not even some. (It may cause mild symptoms) And Tamiflu doesn’t cause flu either. Tamiflu is a medicine for the flu for very sick or at risk patients. We check for flu and then if positive, we give Tamiflu. Flu shots and Tamiflu have side effects; medicines are always a risk-benefit decision. Visit a busy peds ER today and ask who has the flu, and you’ll get an idea of how severe it is, how many people get hospitalized, how many need Tamiflu, how many were vaccinated, etc.