Israel: 1,238 Cases, Public Security Minister Says Israel Will Gradually Enter A Full Lockdown


There are 1,234 Israelis diagnosed with the coronavirus as of Monday morning, the Health Ministry announced, with 24 patients in serious condition.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said on Kan News on Monday morning that Israel will gradually implement a full lockdown or closure.

A general closure of the country will be accomplished through dividing Israel into quadrants – four operational zones. Each zone will be led by a captain and team of Israel Police and IDF soldiers who would enforce the quarantine regulations by patrolling the streets to ensure everyone stays indoors.

“We will gradually move toward imposing a lockdown,” Erdan said. “Hundreds of thousands of additional people will be required not to go to work.”

“I fear what could happen in a week or two,” Erdan continued. “A week ago I already said we should move to a two-week full lockdown with significantly increased enforcement. The options for leaving home will be reduced.”

Acting police chief Moti Cohen said that Israel Police is ready to enforce a full closure if and when it becomes necessary.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Curiosity, no. From what ive read about it, it means that instead of some stores and restaurants being allowed to stay open, instead only stores that sell food, toiletries and medication will be allowed to remain open and it will be enforced by the government.

    It means that people will only be allowed to go on a walk around their neighborhood if they’re going on a short exercise walk or if they’re going to one of those necessary places.

    2-3% mortality is only that “low” if the hospitals have enough capacity for all the sick patients. If hospitals are overloaded and there isn’t enough equipment, then tragically, the mortality rate is significantly worse.