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Ahmadinejad: Israel Will Cease to Exist

achm1.jpgIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Yediot Achronot that “Israel will cease to exist, with or without Iran’s intervention.” He made his comments during a Rome press conference, attending a food summit.

Ahmadinejad and his colleague Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe took advantage of the UN food summit to lash out against the west, blaming it for the food shortages and rising prices.

President Shimon Peres was critical of the UN for inviting the Iranian leader, stating “the world is short of food, not bombs,” explaining Ahmadinejad’s presence only served to distract the world community from the purpose of the conference.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. First of all, the UN’s purpose is mainly to let, primarily, 3rd world dictators feel good and get American aid.

    Second, as we all know, Zionism has, since its bloody inception, been, and continues to be, a disaster, then, while he may or may not mean more than what he says, his statement of “Israel will cease to exist [as a political entity]” is, at face value, no more offensive than saying Yugoslavia will cease to exist [as a political entity]. Geopolitical demarcations do change; it is possible.

    Out of curiosity, since the majority of gedolim of the time (and earlier) warned against Zionism and the founding of a state, and, in hindsight, they were clearly dead-on, why is everyone so sure that this man is incorrect? Does anyone claim to be in constant communication with Hashem that they can authoritatively dispute what he says?

  2. AS your screen name indicates, hakatan, is how your mind works.
    I bet you don’t have a Rav or Rebbe in your life.
    Rashi tells us on the Pasuk “uvusu el hakohen asher yihye bayamim haheim” that “ein lecha kohein ela shebiyomecha”.
    Of course the Brisker Rav and the Chazon Ish Zichronam Livrocha were correct even in their time and not like you indicated “in hindsight”.
    However, there are millions of shomrei Torah umitzvos living there and do you want them to die with bombs or gas R”L, hakatan.
    Ask a competent Rav if what you wrote is the proper hashkafa and let me know what he says please.
    Al tiftach peh lasatan and yeshuas hashem Keheref ayin.
    Also, the rasha in Iran should do a google search on his zaideh haman harashah and see what happened to his grand idea.

  3. the torah also warns that such a state will cease to exist . the name israel is stolen by russian jewish chazer fressers . “ve’hee lo sitrzlach “!
    we have to daven that no harm should come to any jew . this is not what my ancestors waited and died for .

  4. to ayin tov
    esther and mordechai gave the upmost honor to the president of iran (achasveirosh). maybe you should ask your mentors if its the jewish mesorah to reffer to a living powerful world leader as “rasha” ! you are playing with jewish lives !

  5. #4 and those who think like him, allow me to ask you a few questions: 1) Were Israel to ch”vsh cease to exist as apolitical entity, what to you think would happen to the yeshivot, seminaries and other mosdot Torah there? Do you really think the successor regime would allow them to function in peace and tranquility? 2) what do you think would happen to the Jews living in Israel were “Geopolitcal demarcations to change?” What is your understanding of the word “Dhimmi?” 3) All your anti-Zionist rhetoric notiwthstanding, how would you really feel if Israel were no longer on the map? 4) What do you think would happen to the world position of Jews were “geopolitical demarcations” to change?

  6. To “HaKatan” – Although your comment about Zionism is accurate, per say, but you must realize that when this madman speaks about “The World Without Zionism” we know very well that what he really means is “The World Without Jews” (and, indeed, that is one of the horrific injustices that “Zionism” has subjected us too, that the Goyim can call their policies anti-zionist as opposed to anti-Jewish, which obviously is a much easier pill for the world community to swallow, particularly after the horrors of the holocaust), and, even if you’ll want to dan him l’kaf zechus (although i have no idea why one would want to do that) that he really is not essentially anti-Jews just anti-Zionism, still you must realize that he indeed would be more than happy to drop a nuke on soneihem shel Yisrael to achieve that goal (and the collateral damage?….well, that’s just too bad….and serves ’em right for living under that Zionist regime anyway…). So…when all is said and done, no matter how you want to look at this nutcase, he is clearly out to murder a whole lot of Yidden, Hashem yeracheim aleinu v’yatzileinu, and we must do whatever we can to stop him, of course first and foremost by begging Avinu sheh’ba’Shamayim to be meracheim on us, and also whatever hishtadlus is available to us.

  7. I say this with no agenda other than to quote from two Gedolim one from this generation and one from the previous.

    I myself heard from the mouth of Harav Avigdor Miller ZTL the following words which he said in the name of Harav Elchonon Wasserman ZTL who was known to be a Baal Ruach Hakodesh: Rav Elchanan said “there will come a time when the State of Israel will be dismantled.” I heard this from Harav Miller on four separate occasions.

    When I hear the maniac of Iran ranting about the demise of the State of Israel it sends chills up and down my spine because it reminds me of what Rav Elchanan said. I suspect this maniac will not be disappearing so fast and he will be a source of much trouble not only for Israel but for all of Klall Yisroel. I did not see it myself but I heard from a reliable source that there is a Yalkut Shimoney which speaks about an 11 minute war with Iran before Moshiach comes.

    Harav Elchanan ZTL and Harav Miller ZTL had no political agendas. They both were known for speaking the emes and attempting to transmit it to others.

    This does not mean that Moshiach has to come in a bad way. If Kllal Yisroel does Teshuva, Moshiach will come in an easy way. If people do teshuva the word “dismantling” will take on a context of Bracha: The present ‘state’ will be replaced by the powerful and sanctified Am Yisroel as in our glorious past.

    Let us all make a change for the better and find favor in the eyes of Hashem. Wes should all have a Chag Somayach.

    I end on one note to anyone who sees my posting: Please be mispallel for me that Hashem should send me a salvation for the predicaments that I am in. Please do not ignore this request. If you are able to hear my pain please shed a tear on my behalf. Tears are very dear to Hashem. I can’t give my name because too many people will recognize it and I can’t bring myself to do that.
    Please say the folowing words instead of my name: The person who quoted words from Harav Miller in the name of Harav Elchanan. In the zechus for all who are mispallel for me Hashem should answer all of your tefilos.

  8. #15, as I recall R. Elchanan Wasserman was murdered by the Nazi’s in 1942 or 1943, well before the establishment of the State of Israel. How could he have made a prediction about that which did not exist? I’m sure he never said any such thing, or he has been misquoted.

  9. cantoresq in #20

    1)Harav Elchanan Wasserman was murdered by the Nazis in 1941. 2)Harav Wasserman ZTL who was the Talmid Muvhak of the Chofetz Chaim was also an undisputed Baal Ruach Hakodesh. 3)Harav Avigdor Miller ZTL who was not only a Gadol but a historian as well was a stickler for accuracy. He was known by all never to utter a word from his mouth that was not 1000% accurate. I heard the said quote from his mouth on four separate occasions each time in the presence of no less than 200 people at his Thursday night lectures.

    I or you do not have the ability to speak with authority about the future. Hagaon Vihatzadik Harav Elchanan Wasserman ZTL was able to.

    Be well & you should be zoche to be mekabel the Torah this Shavuous.

  10. #22

    The fact of the matter is that the trusted Gadol and Historian, namely, Harav Avigdor Miller ZTL, said that, “I quote the exact words of Harav Elchanan Wasserman ZTL, there will come a time when the State of Israel will be dismantled.”
    There is no reason to doubt the accuracy of the quote which Harav Miller said four times.

    Quite obviously Harav Elchanan must have prior to that statement also said then at that time or at an earlier time out of Ruach Hakodesh that there will come into existense an Israeli State. That is self understood.

  11. to: lawrenceyid
    B”H,I had the priveledge to be a student of the Rav for almost 20 years & have listened to over 800 taped shiurim.
    I have never ever heard the Rav make the statement
    you keep quoting: “I quote the exact words of Harav Elchanan Wasserman ZTL, there will come a time when the State of Israel will be dismantled.”
    Nor have I heard the Rav hint to this.

    It is my experience that almost everything the rav said, appears in writing in one of his 14 Sefarim.

    Pls check them first, then quote.

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