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Chareidi Reporter Warned Of This Very Tragedy In 2018!

Chareidi journalist Aryeh Erlich retweeted a warning of a potential tragedy occurring on the narrow Toldos Aharon passageway that he wrote in 2018!

“Tell the police to stop making excuses,” he captioned the retweet. “I refer you to my tweet from 2018.”

“The narrow exit passageway leading from the Toldos Aharon lighting ceremony creates a bottleneck and causes terrible pushing to the point of a real risk of people being crushed,” Erlich had written on Twitter in 2018. “And this is the ONLY exit!”

“In order to prevent a recurrence of what happened at the levaya of HaRav Wosner, z’tl, [when a man was trampled to death and dozens were injured due to overcrowding], it should be forbidden to hold the hadlaka there before a new larger exit way is constructed.”

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[Chareidi Reporter Warned Of This Very Tragedy In 2018!]

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. While we all have to do natural hishtatadlus and stop this over crowding…

    Do NOT forget:

    Its all in the hands of Hashem.
    These are קרבנות of of a horific tragedy that has occurred in a such a hard year of such דינים– at the very Makom of Rashbi!

    Covid or not – the world is under unstable times and we need to tear down the walls of rachmim.

    Yidden!! we all need to be mekabel something! We can not let this tragedy just go and go on with life as nothing..

  2. So if this was known for three years, whose fault is it that the hadlaka continued there? The Police? The Zionists? Meretz? If you know there is a problem, solve it yourself, instead of waiting for the “authorities” to force it down your neck. Just don’t light there, if it comes to that. Or, apparently, blame everyone but yourself. Feh.

  3. The mindless insistence on allowing unlimited attendance at these events at venues with limited access and egress, whether a levayah of a well known Rav or the bonfires at Meron has taken on a new political twist with some regarding ANY type of health/saftey restrictions as a form of political interference in their lives and hostility towards religious observance. We have seen analogous hostility against efforts to enforce mask requirements during the peak Covid outbreaks, both in EY and in the U.S. We also see it at simchas where bochurim insist on jumping up and down on temporary bleachers built to accommodate crowds at simchas notwithstanding signs not to do so and requests from the bimah that the stands were not built to accommodate that kind of vibration.

  4. Gadolhadorah – Well said.

    I would add to your list Simchas Torah dancing and Hachnosas Sifrei Torah in buildings not structurally sound for these types of stampedes. I was once at a Hachnasas Sefer Torah in a new building where the floor collapsed. I’m traumatized for life. Hashem Yerachem.

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