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Police Attacked in Meah Shearim

mishtara2.jpgPolice on Monday night came under attack in Yerushalayim’s Meah Shearim neighborhood.

Acting on a complaint filed by a female resident of the community, accusing her husband of assault, police came to bring the suspect in for questioning. Upon their arrival, they were attacked by local residents, resulting in three policemen sustaining light injuries and damage to a police car. One suspect was taken into custody.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

12 Responses

  1. Not sure I “get” this – woman calls police for help, local residents attempt to protect the one who was abusing the woman.

    Nice. So very nice.

  2. How awful! Ignore the victim, protect the abuser.

    I’m sure that the police will have second thoughts about helping out in a domestic violence case again in Meah Shearim.

    Hashem Y’racheim on future victims.

  3. i witnessed the story up close i am not saying the man is right, but the police defintly overreacted they really beat the daylights out of this person thats why when every body saw this they tried to help.

  4. Since when are YWN so naive. Do you really think that some woman called to save her from ger spouse? Do you really believe they were taking him for “quesioning”? Chances are this is some Chiloni women trying to take revenge on her Chareidy spouse, and the police are just acting like Israely Police would in such cases! So hold your horses before you accuse some frum jews of acting without reason.

  5. #6 helps explain the missing parts of this story. Like usual the storm troopers saw a situation they felt they could give a chareidi a good beating, and tried to take advantage, so the community protected him.

    Anytime you read such a story you should be wary of the missing details of how the authorities go out of the way to attack chareidim.

  6. It’s interesting how so many people are willing to believe the lying, Leftist press whenever it comes to attacks on the Orthodox.

    It should be obvious by now that they have no credibility at all.

  7. #6 – It figures. Since when do police have a right to beat someone? Oh yes, we’ve seen the pictures of those thugs on horseback beating every Yid in sight.

  8. If the husband was truly an abuser, stand back and let the police do their job. Yes, even the chiloni, Zionist, anti-chareidi police.

    An abuser deserves whatever beating he gets, and from whoever.

    When the police are done, let the neighbors begin.

  9. Excuse me Mr. Yatsmach but let a third mature party decide if he was abusive, not his wife’s phone call!!! And no, don’t beet him up. You just won’t accomplish much. Rather sponsor him for therapy.

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