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PHOTOS: Flatbush Hatzolah Treats Multiple Critical Patients at Ocean Avenue Blaze

YW-OA Newkirk Fire-011.jpg(Click HERE for photos) At approximetly 2:30AM Tuesday, a fire swept through 12 apartments at 101 Ocean Avenue near Newkirk Road, injuring 10 people – three of them children.

Flatbush Hatzolah was dispatched to the scene, and treated the majority of the patients – including three critically burned patients – two of them children – and a police officer from the 70th Pct. Two people suffered injuries when they jumped from the third floor windows. The entire building was evacuated, and the Red Cross was on the scene finding temporary shelter for the tenants whose apartments were destroyed.

Fire marshals from the FDNY were investigating the cause of the blaze.

It is interesting to note, that the last NYPD officer from the 70th Precinct who was injured in a fire was treated by Flatbush Hatzolah as well.

What was a real Kiddush Hashem, was the speed at which Hatzolah arrived on the scene – in the dead of night, when members are in bed sleeping. The local neighbors watched in awe as dozens of Hatzolah members arrived from Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, and Queens. This incident further attests to the fact how efficiently Hatzolah works hand-in-hand with the FDNY to treat the victims, no matter what their ethnicity is.

[Video of the scene will be posted later].

(Eli Gefen – YWN Queens Ops’ Desk)

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  1. And this was while other units were busy in the B with the smoke situation.

    B210 did a great job dispatching. F-80 was the scene commander.

    Lutheren hospital was on diversion at the time. The first unit was there in under three minutes.

    Madics from many areas were woken and dispatched to the scene.

    So to all who claim that Hatzolah only treats Jews – EAT YOUR OWN WORDS!

  2. Of course Hazolah will respond to anyone
    who calls them. They respond with alacrity
    regardless of who it is. This is simply
    the halacha and proper behavior.
    Just the same, it is not a good idea to ENCOURAGE
    others to call Hazolah. Hazolah cannot possibly
    be expected to take over all emergency response
    for the city.

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