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Israeli Man Desperately Seeking to Save Son From Lev Tahor

An Israeli man who escaped the Lev Tahor cultists two years ago, Yisroel Amir, is now working with former Mossad agents as he attempts to rescue his 2-year-old son from the group’s clutches, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Amir’s efforts have taken on new urgency recently as Lev Tahor attempts to move their group to Iran, which, if successful, would make it exceedingly difficult to rescue his son.

It is also possible – even likely – that, instead of providing them refuge, the Iranian regime would use Lev Tahor members as a bargaining chip with Israel or publicly execute them to send a message.

So far, Lev Tahor attempts to cross into Iran via Kurdistan have failed, with members of the cult caught in the country deported to Turkey, from which they were extradited back to Guatemala.

Amir’s team has been able to gather some intelligence on the group, including an updated picture of his son, and photos of children sitting in cages.

Additionally, the team has revealed that mothers entrapped by the cult have been ordered to kill their children and commit suicide if authorities ever penetrate the cult.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This LT story is the greatest Jewish fantasy that I have ever read. You guys are really creative! Who comes up with the plot? Can you do this in set increments so we know when to expect the next segment?

  2. What’s the big deal. You got many frum Jews in Iran. It’s all propaganda. Better a jewish kid live frum in Iran than living exposed to gay parades in Israel.

  3. if this was really true, why in the world would YWN publicize their plan, and how would they have even known?

    Dont we know that the “hanhala” checks the media for info about them??

    either lies or very stupid

  4. I think lev tahor is such a beautiful operation, with hagoan harav nachman helbrams. if only they hired myself i would do anything the youngs girls and boys want. And in the end, like the previous leader shlomo helbrams, id probably commit suicide. Lmaisa, lev tahor runs such a beautiful kids operation, and have some of the best rabbis, and of course therapists. This israel dude should stop worrying his son is being taken care of by the best people, including joe biden. shout out to rebbe debbie

  5. I really feel bad for the father.
    I once spoke to someone that had children that they rescued from Lev Tohar living by them.
    The whole situation is so sad.

  6. I am really disgraced that once again, no answers seem to be filtered whatsoever, except for news that won’t seem to their tastes… very weird they’ll let on people’s disgusting codswallop verbal diarrhea nonsense about the ‘lev tahor’ abuse cult group, however they won’t report people niftar from the vaccine, or worse over, will report people niftar from the vaccine as vaccinated!! this is getting worse by the day. i am really disappointed by this site, they’re supposed to be a Frum news site, messages should really be checked and filtered, this should not be left to individual commentators…

  7. and by the way, in an answer to ‘guteyid’, I can tell you one thing that I am involved with a case of a friend who is trying to get his children out of there, I am not prepared yet to release it, however I have first hand evidence (written etc. vehameivin yuvin) to prove that this really unfortunate story is not just some “greatest Jewish fantasy”, (and no I am not working with anyone from these pathetic so called mossad ‘intelligence’, who do nothing but sit behind desks, get their paycheck and get all the attention in the world like they’re the best, oh and sometimes to convince the world they caught somebody dangerous, they’ll run into some Arab neighborhood, get the first and easiest guy off the street and pomp that they caught the guy, while some dangerous guy will be flying around on the loose.).
    And to ‘Rat Rats DemocRATS’, let me just tell you, as I mentioned above, that I’ve got first hand evidence of what is going on there, and am involved, the first part you said is very true, it has by and large made to believe that there are no Jews or Frum Jews in Iran, however there are to date, thousands of Shomrei Toireh Imitzves (to whatever extent, maybe very simple but still) over there, especially in Shiraz and Tehran, however your second comment was really just describing what goes on in lev ‘lev tahor’, and worse… r”l..
    And to Chaylev Halyah, your right if we want success these stories should be suppressed until finished, and can definitely tell you that it is very hard and frustrating for an insider in a case to work against all of this, but this is really unfortunately no lie r”l…. May we see the wicked destroyed very soon and see Mashiach bekuroiv umain.

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