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IDF Special Units To Join Search For Moishe Kleinerman

The Kleinerman family received a message on Tuesday that the IDF will be participating in the search for Moishe, who is now missing for 143 days.

This is very happy news for the Kleinerman family who has been pushing for the IDF to get involved in the search for Moishe, to no avail. But when Culture Minister Chili Tropper (Blue and White) visited the Kleinerman home last week, the first government minister to do so, he expressed great empathy for their plight and asked what he could do for them. When they answered that they want the IDF to get involved in the search for Moishe, he didn’t rest until it was accomplished. The fact that he has a close relationship with Defense Minister Benny Gantz likely facilitated the task.

It should be noted that Tropper, who is religious, is known for his acts of chessed. In 2020, he donated his kidney to a stranger through the Matnat Chaim organization, becoming the first Knesset member to donate a kidney. This past March, Israeli media outlets reported that Tropper and his wife had taken in a mother and child to live in their home after they fled Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

A message published by the Kleinerman family on Tuesday morning stated: “We received a welcome update that MK Chili Tropper, who visited us last week, appealed to Defense Minister Benny Gantz and received approval for the activation of special units in the IDF for the first professional military search operation that will begin in the coming days.”

“For the first time, we see a minister in the Israeli government who used his weight and is working without political interests but with a pure and whole heart for the sake of finding our loved one. Tropper promised to do everything he can and is fulfilling that. We want to thank MK Tropper and Defense Minister Benny Gantz for the mobilization, and of course to Israel Police for continuing efforts in the investigation and its ongoing updates.”

“We continue to be moved by all the encouragement, tefillos and love that the Jewish people in Israel and around the world shower on us. Moishe has become everyone’s child and we hope and wish to find him soon and to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of our younger son Shlomo, who is very close to Moishe, together with Moishe. We are waiting for good news.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. wha took so long… it because he is Chareidi….I hope not, we are Torah people we accepted this……shame on far to many for t his continuity….

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