Possible Attempted Terror At Eilat Iron Dome


irdA man who approached the IDF Iron Dome unit stationed in Eilat was shot and wounded by soldiers on Thursday afternoon, erev Rosh Chodesh Adar 1 5774.

It appears the man was an Arab male who was running towards the Iron Dome battery while shouting “Ala Akbar”. He ignored the soldiers and continued running, compelling them to fire at his lower extremities. He is listed in light-to-moderate condition in Eilat’s Yosef-Tal Hospital.

What appears may have been an attempted terror attack is under investigation. Some unconfirmed reports state the man is deranged.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Almost by definition, an attack on a military installation in not terrorism. Terrorism means attacking civilian targets, or at least non-combatant military targets. Attacking soldier is what warfare is all about. If he was unarmed, then it is a political statement or insanity – but still not terrorism.

    By calling attacks on military terrorism, you are suggesting the blowing up a pizza place (a crime under international law) is no different that attacking an enemy military installation (which Israel does all the time).

  2. Hi akuperma,thanx for the comment.
    Soi take time out if my day to respond because I don’t like seeing comments on webpages that are lacking validity unanswered.
    The UN does not have a stable definition of its owne so I bring you Google’s definition which will do
    “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”
    Therefore any violent act used to insite fear for the purposes of a political pall agenda is considered terrorism including arcs on army bases/personnel.
    Please leave any further comments lacking accuracy at home

  3. All terrorists are deranged… thats not news. They always test their waters first. If he would have gotten away with it they would come armed next time.