THE TRUTH EMERGES: Protest On Motzei Shabbos Against Chareidim & Ben-Gvir

Israelis protest against plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government to overhaul the judicial system, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Saturday, March 4, 2023. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

The leaders of the “struggle against judicial reform” announced that despite the suspension of the legislation, the weekly Motzei Shabbos protest at the Kaplan intersection in Tel Aviv will take place as usual.

The organizers said that the protest on Motzei Shabbos will be against the Chareidim and against National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s plan to establish a National Guard to improve security for Israeli citizens, an idea suggested by then-prime minister Naftali Bennett during the previous government.

They issued a statement, saying: “Our struggle has brought all the issues of the security, economic and social burden of the State of Israel to the streets. We will no longer be silent about our becoming second-class citizens who carry the entire Israeli society on their backs. That is why we will not give up! We demand legislation for equal burden, in all areas of life – we won’t finance Ben Gvir’s militias and unreasonable budgets to those who don’t enlist in the army or volunteer for national service.”

They continued by saying that: “Netanyahu, as part of the coup d’état, intends to establish state-funded private militias for Ben-Gvir- La Familia and Huwara militias under the auspices of the state. If the militias are established, it will be the actual beginning of the regime coup. It will be disastrous for each of us and de facto, the end of Israeli democracy.”

“Our struggle is uncompromising and seeks justice – justice for all the bearers of the burden who are not willing to remain silent any longer. Therefore, we will gather this Shabbos on Kaplan and throughout the country for demonstrations to preserve Israeli democracy.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 1) So absolutely no shock nor surprise whatsoever
    2) Just makes me & numerous numerously like minded people even more determined & committed to be even more religious & to even more strongly support ben Gvir שליט”א
    3) Exactly as Hillary’s calling us “Deplorables” made us even more committed & determined to vote for & support President Donald Trump שליט”א

  2. Today in Miami Beach was buried the last of the known survivors of the Altalena. His picture is the person that jumped the ship with his life when Rabin ordered to open fire at the behest of Ben Gurion. He was recruited by Begin. It was told that he had a deep spiritual wound that the Left hand done this for the sake of power. Is it coincidence that he passed away when the duplicity and hypocrisy of the left is out the open in all its nakedness.

  3. Worst of the worst . Reshaim beyond belief . I cannot believe these are Jewish people ! Probably mostly non Jewish Russians . Shame on all of them !

  4. How short a memory
    The Bennett government gave billions
    to their Arab coalition mates who
    don’t serve in the army
    Leftist liberals break down the fabric
    of society with their so called tolerance

    They tolerate only what suits them

    They wouldn’t dare eat on the streets of any Arab nation during Ramadan
    Even in the most moderate country not to offend
    and to avoid prison
    But here they want chometz in public
    Hospitals on Pesach
    They are ignorant of the fact that chometz is worse than pork

  5. This is the last battle that the erev rav rishaim chilonim are waging against the Rebono shel olam r”l! Only 1/5 of Klal Yisroel will be saved by the chevlei Moshiach. Apparently these pork eaters are not interested in going out. They clearly don’t believe in olam haba.

  6. And after that, it will be about toeva, settlements, and the list goes on. By surrendering to the protesters, we opened a new dark chapter for Jewish people.

  7. only that the army would not be frum, I once had a conversation about it with a person in that military and he told me that yeshiva buchrim can not serve there, what they are afraid of is it they can make that place toradik and not lust for women but for the sake of God