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STANDING TALL: Netanyahu Gives Wide-Ranging Interviews On CNN, NBC [VIDEOS]

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conducted multiple interviews with U.S. news outlets on Sunday morning, stressing the critical need for the IDF’s anti-Hamas operations in the Gaza Strip, and blasted people who are marching in the streets in support of Hamas.

“Those who protest for Hamas — you’re protesting for sheer evil,” Netanyahu told NBC News, calling them “misguided people who do not know the facts.”

Hamas “are people who deliberately targeted civilians, who raped and murdered women. Who beheaded men. Who burnt babies alive. Who kidnapped little babies and Holocaust survivors. These are the people you are supporting,” he said.

Regarding his vision of a post-Hamas Gaza, Netanyahu said he has two goals:  “As far as the civilian management of Gaza, we have to see the following two things: Gaza has to be demilitarized and Gaza has to be de-radicalized.”

“And I think so far, we haven’t seen any Palestinian force, including the Palestinian Authority, that has been able to do it,” he added, saying “it’s too early to say” who will govern the Strip.

“They teach their children to hate Israel, they’re paying for slay,” Netanyahu said of the Palestinian Authority, noting that more than a month following the Hamas attack, the PA still has not condemned it.

Bibi noted on CNN that the IDF is creating evacuation routes for patients to be transferred out of Gaza hospitals underneath which Hamas has built its terror command centers.

“We have designated routes to a safe zone south of Gaza City. We want all civilians to be moved out of harm’s way,” he told CNN, adding that Hamas is “doing everything in its power to keep them in harm’s way.”

“We’ve called to evacuate all the patients from that (Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest) hospital, and 100 or so have already been evacuated,” Netanyahu told CNN. “There’s no reason why we can’t just take the patients out of there.”

Pushing back against those who have been demanding a ceasefire, Netanyahu rhetorically asked what the U.S. would do if it experienced a similar attack as Israel did on October 7th. “It would take all its force and go after these killers,” he said. “And what if these killers embed themselves in hospitals and schools?”

Netanyahu said that Israel would like to put into place a “reconstructed civilian authority” in the Gaza Strip, adding his goal to “give Gaza a better future, let’s not bring it to a failed past. Let’s create a different reality there.”

The Israeli premier said that officials are “doing everything we can around the clock” to secure the release of the hostages being held by Hamas, telling host Dana Bash that he understands the pain and frustration of the abductees’ families.

“It’s understandable. They’re under tremendous distress. They’re under — just, torture. I personally met with … families of hostages several times and it tears your heart out,” he said.

Netanyahu sidestepped questions over whether he bears any responsibility for the Simchas Torah attack. “We’re going to answer all these questions,” he insisted. “Right now, I think what we have to do is unite the country for one purpose; to achieve victory. Let’s focus on victory – that’s my responsibility now.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. why does bibi let this witch sit there and rip him? she looks like she owns him bibi looks like a little child answering up why he painted on the walls!
    I would walk up and leave that what trump will do.

  2. Is it true?
    These terrorists believe they are going to heaven UNLESS they touch pig

    Why don’t we send thousands of piglets down the tunnels

    That way they have to surrender

  3. Binyamin Netanyahu has done a remarkable job in answering the antisemitic questions of the press. Don’t these idiots realize that there’s a war going on now and that other things need to be handled now other than the blame game. That, they intend to just weaken his position as commander in chief. They’re such haters of real people! The WOKE mentality! The media is awful.

  4. On the cnn website they reference this interview and do not show it. They quote snippets mostly of what the interviewer asked and not the responses. They don’t want to show the interview itself because the pm addresses every question head on with strong responses. so they avoid showing quote snippets to try to present it in a different context and the pm in a bad context.

    Fake news at its best

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