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Israeli Officials: Hostage Gave Birth In Captivity In Gaza

Israeli officials said on Monday that one of the hostages abducted by Hamas has likely given birth in Gaza.

The assumption is not based on any intelligence or concrete information but solely on the fact that the woman was in her ninth month of pregnancy when she was abducted over a month ago.

According to a Washington Post report on Monday evening, Israel and Hamas are close to reaching a hostage deal in which most of the women and children held hostage in Gaza will be released.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If they do a deal does this mean Israel has to stop attacking Gaza? We need to get rid of Hamas. How can they stop killing them? Yet some 200 Jewish lives are at stake. This is a dilemma.

  2. cmon how come none of maybe want 2 even plan on wishing her a mazel tov on even giving birth what did she have a boy or girl why are u all so one tracked minded what are u thinking about now exactly

  3. What dilemma?! Israel has already gone way too far. Get those hostages out befoee its too late.
    How much more bloodshed do u enjoy?

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