Netanyahu To Fox News: “If Israel Goes Down, Europe & US Are Next”


In an interview with Fox News, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that “our fight is your fight and our victory is your victory.”

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel’s fight against Hamas is a global war of the forces of good and civilization against sheer evil.

“Our struggle is your struggle, our victory is your victory – and there is no substitute for victory,” Netanyahu said. “The forces of civilization must defeat these barbarians because otherwise this barbarism will spread and engulf the rest of the world.”

“If Israel is imperiled, if the Middle East goes down, Europe is next and you’re next.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bibi let Israel down. He had one core job and failed.
    Europe is already down and long lost.
    America still stands a fighting chance with the first & second constitutional amendments until Mashiach arrives.

  2. What a propagandizing and lying Zionist (some repetition there).
    If the Zionist State were to “go down”, with no Jews hurt CH”V, the world would be far, far more peaceful, though the savages will likely go for Europe next, as they play the long game.

  3. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are allies, just like Germany, Japan and Italy were allies in World War II.

    The American surrender in Afghanistan led to the the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas attacks in southern Israel. Just like the tepid response of the western democracies to Japan attacking China, Italy attacking Ethiopia, and Germany annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia led to the German invasion of Poland and the Japanese attack on the United States.

    And neither Biden nor Trump appear to have realized the connections. And for the most part American (and Israeli, pre-Oct. 7) politicians are too much worry about trivial matters (pronouns, gender, subsidies to you friends and supporters, using lawfare against your rivals, etc.), to realize that what is happening abroad is an existential (life or death) threat.

  4. @hakatan
    following here a more truthful and reality aligned version of katan’s post :
    What a propagandizing and lying Katan (some repetition there).
    If the Zionist State were to go down, “with no Jews hurt” [impossible al pi derech hateva but included in katans remarks here as mere lip service] …..