IDF: Captive Soldier Was Murdered By Hamas Inside Shifa Hospital


IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari announced on Sunday evening that captive IDF soldier Noa Marciano, H’yd, whose body was found by the IDF in Shifa Hospital last week, was murdered by Hamas terrorists inside the hospital.

Contrary to Hamas’s claims that Marciano, a’h, was killed in an IDF airstrike, forensic evidence showed that Marciano sustained a non-fatal injury in an airstrike. She was then brought to Shifa Hospital, where she was murdered by Hamas.

Hagari stated: “Noa was abducted and held in an apartment next to Shifa Hospital. During the IDF strikes in Gaza, a Hamas terrorist who was guarding her was killed.”

“The pathology report states that Noa was injured by the strike but not in a life-threatening way, in contrast to the lies disseminated by Hamas that Noa was killed by IDF strikes.”

“The hospital, a place meant to sanctify the value of life, was used by Hamas for murder.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)