Red Cross President Meets Hamas Terror Chief In Qatar Ahead Of Potential Hostage Deal


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday that its president, Mirjana Spoljaric, visited Qatar for a meeting with Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh. According to the ICRC, the meeting focused on addressing humanitarian issues arising from the armed conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The diplomatic effort coincides with ongoing negotiations to secure the release of some of the 240 hostages taken by Hamas during their attacks on Israel on October 7, which resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths, predominantly civilians.

The ICRC emphasized the objective of Spoljaric’s visit was to facilitate direct discussions with all parties involved to enhance adherence to international humanitarian law. The organization highlighted her recent meetings with the families of hostages held in Gaza and senior leaders from both Israeli and Palestinian sides.

The ICRC claims to have been vocal in its calls for the immediate release of hostages and has stressed the necessity for its teams to have access to the hostages to ensure their welfare, including the provision of medications and enabling communication with their families.

While the ICRC has facilitated the release of four hostages on two separate occasions, the organization clarified that it does not participate in the negotiations for hostage release. However, it remains prepared to act as a neutral humanitarian intermediary to facilitate any future releases agreed upon by the conflicting parties.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Haniyeh should be extradited from Qatar on terrorism and war crimes charges.
    His death penalty being reduced to life in prison should be the only negotiation.

  2. So the red cross knows that in order to access the hamas animals, like ismail HAYEENA, they have to travel to Qatar, but they/others won’t speak up to the cowardice of heading a terror campaign whilst lapping in luxury in some Arabian oasis…
    What cowards…

  3. The Red Cross (meaning the International Committee of the Red Cross) was well known for making a point of not objecting to the Holocaust even though under international law they were required to visit all non-German prisoners held by the Germans. If they are unable or unwilling to visit Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinians, it will be a reminder of their complicity in the Holocaust.

    Of course, one has to realize that the nominal leader of Hamas in Qatar may in fact have nothing to do with Hamas’s activities. His conditions there appear to be a cross between formal exile and being held under comfortable house arrest.