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DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: IDF Releases Footage of Daring Rafah Raid To Rescue Two Hostages

The IDF has released dramatic footage showing its overnight rescue of two hostages from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, along with footage of airstrikes subsequently carried out on Hamas positions in the vicinity.

The operation to rescue the hostages commenced quietly around 1 a.m., targeting a residential building where hostages Fernando Simon Marman and Norberto Louis Har Marman were being held captive. Using explosives, special forces breached the apartment at 1:49 a.m. and quickly neutralized three terrorists tasked with guarding the hostages.

In the immediate aftermath of the rescue, the Israeli Air Force launched a series of airstrikes aimed at Hamas terrorists in the area, allowing for the safe extraction of the special forces and the newly freed hostages.

The rescued individuals were then transported in armored vehicles out of the conflict zone and airlifted by a military helicopter to Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan. Medical evaluations listed both Marman and Har in good condition.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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