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ON HIS LAST BREATHS? Hamas Leader Yahye Sinwar Is Suffering From Severe Pneumonia, Report Claims

Yahye Sinwar, the rat-faced Hamas leader in Gaza, is reportedly suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, according to a report from N12 that cites sources from an anonymous Arab country. This Arab country reportedly heard of Sinwar’s health troubles through senior Hamas officials in Gaza.

The report claims that this country has been urging Hamas to accept a ceasefire agreement, with the terror group responding that it is in dire circumstances, with ammunition depleting and military structures crumbling.

Earlier on Tuesday, a report in Arab-language newspaper Elaph claimed that Sinwar had escaped from Gaza into Egypt through an extensive tunnel network. However, Israel denied the report and the Kan public broadcaster reported later Tuesday that Sinwar had resumed communications with Hamas leadership abroad, signaling that he is, in fact, still in Gaza.

N12’s report also comes on the heels of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stating that Hamas’s leadership is searching for a replacement for its Gaza leader, and the week after the IDF released footage of Sinwar moving through a tunnel under Khan Younis in the early days of the war.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If Hamas manages to lose a few more wars the way they have lost this one, they’ll rule the Middle East. The commit some of the worst war crimes in history, it is well publicized, and about half the world cheers them. Six months later, Israel can’t manage to defeat Hamas, which has minimal resources available. Israel’s only significant ally has an election going on between on party that relies on the votes of a pro-Hamas wing, another party that favors withdrawing from foreign wars and alliances.

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