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Saudi Official: Iran “Engineered A War In Gaza” To Prevent Israel-Saudi Normalization

A senior unnamed official from the Saudi royal family has made a statement to the Kan public broadcaster, saying that “any suspicious object” fired over Saudi Arabia is shot down – hinting that the kingdom played a role in knocking down Iran’s missiles and suicide drones fired at Israel last night.

The official also criticized Iran for its role in the Gaza conflict, stating that Tehran has “engineered a war in Gaza” to undermine the progress being made in normalizing relations between Israel and Arab states.

“Iran is a country that sponsors terrorism, and it should have been stopped a long time ago,” Kan further quoted the Saudi official as saying.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The Democrats (Clinton, Obama, Biden) have intentionally and deliberately created a strong Iran. It is part if their foreign policy agenda. I have heard many Democrat officials and supporters express the idea that a strong Iran (Syria, Lebanon, and Co.) is better than a strong Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    Obama literally deliberately stopped an uprising in 2009 in Iran, because it is good for his foreign policy agenda. He also wants a nuclear Iran.

    Trump and Republicans have the opposite agenda, trying to destroy Iran and her capabilities.
    He visited Saudi Arabia and normalized US relations with them (after being ruined from their support of 9/11 and its aftermath – remember Khashoji?).
    Trump also supported other Arab partners in the region who truly want peace and prosperity.

    The choice in November is ours.
    Whose side are we on??????

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