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HARSH: Sen. Rubio Accuses Biden Of Leaking Bibi Call Details to Appease “Anti-Semites, Anti-Israel” Activists

Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday accused the Biden administration of leaking details of the president’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appease “so-called peace activists” who are actually “anti-Semites, anti-Israel” and “pro-terrorist.”

Rubio’s comments came after President Biden’s congratulatory call to Netanyahu following Israel’s successful defense against Iran’s drone and missile strikes. Biden urged Israel “not to escalate further.”

Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he supports protecting U.S. troops in the region, but noted that Israel has never asked the U.S. to attack Iran on their behalf. He questioned the White House’s decision to leak details of the call, suggesting that it was an attempt to appease anti-Israel activists.

“They’re not asking for it. But I think we go from that to the other extreme, which is Joe Biden telling Netanyahu, ‘Take the win, don’t do anything,’ and then his people leaking it to the media, leaking it to the press!” Rubio said.

“And what it sets up is, they know that Israel’s going to respond. They know this for a fact. So, why would the White House leak it? There’s only one reason they leaked that. And that is that so when Israel does respond, the White House can say, “We told them not to do it,” and at least somehow in some way, appease these so-called peace activists,” Rubio continued.

“By the way, these ‘ceasefire now’ people who were out yesterday cheering the launch of hundreds of rockets and drones and missiles against Israel. People that are out there cheering military attacks of this scale and scope are not peace activists. These are anti-semites, anti-Israel, pro terrorist elements out there. And we need to stop calling them peace activist. They are not peace activists. You don’t — peace activists do not cheer massive attacks against other countries, which is what they were doing yesterday. So, I guess this is part of the White House’s effort to appease them by putting this out that proactively.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Shut up Rubio, you’re talking nonsense. You say that Israel didn’t ask US for help. It’s a given that allies come to each other’s rescue, and we are grateful to the US for stepping up to the plate.
    Israel considered immediate retaliation but Biden stopped him. That was good advice, we don’t need to escalate the situation further. Nothing to do with appeasing anti-Semites.
    Israel needs to hold their horses if they don’t want to provoke a world war.
    Biden is the adult in the room here.
    Rubio is trying to win Jewish votes so he bashes the Democratic president.

  2. The Senator makes a great point. Trump upgraded that phone system after entire transcripts of phone calls were leaked in the first few months of his presidency. So who is leaking these talking points from Joe if not he and his staff?

  3. Rif, you’re the one talking nonsense. Rubio is 100% right. Israel has not and would never ask the USA to attack Iran on its behalf. It doesn’t want that. Israel will attack Iran itself, and all it wants from the USA is not to get in the way.

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