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ALTERNATE REALITY: White House Spox: “It’s Hard To Say Biden Has Been Soft On Iran!”

In the aftermath of Iran’s unprecedented assault on Israel, White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby was queried as to why the United States is funneling billions of dollars to the genocidal Iranian regime.

Questioned on Fox News, Kirby was asked about the United States under President Joe Biden giving Iran “an opening” to conduct its airstrikes against Israel.

“It’s hard to take a look at what President Biden has done and say that we’ve somehow gone soft on Iran!” Kirby incredulously asserted.

He also insisted that the funds made available to Iran are not “fungible,” and blamed Trump for the funds being available to Iran.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 Responses

  1. Guess what ? Kirby is right. Richard Goldberg , who YWN has decided that his slanted and biased opinions and sometimes alternative facts are news is wrong .

    The waivers for Iraq to buy electricity and natural gas from Iran were started under Donald J Trump in 2018. Iraq needs to be able to pay Iran or they aren’t getting it. Thus a waiver was given. They are not fungible no matter what the Iranian propaganda regime says.

    Of course Fox news would love for Iraq to no longer get it’s energy needs and thus develop into a feud between Iraq and America. Then they can have more propaganda against Joe Biden.

  2. I do not recall if it was Kirby, or one of his staff in a 2021 press conference where the media was questioning if he was actually upset that we could not pay Iran money for sanctions during the Trump years. If so, they’ve always been in another reality.

  3. Yeah, he just gave them billions of dollars in cash and did virtually nothing when attacked USA interests.

    Wouldn’t you conclude that he has NOT been soft on Iran?
    Isn’t 1+1=3

  4. He hasn’t been “soft” on Iran, he’s been positively doing everything he could to help Iran, without being caught committing open treason. 0bama’s policy was to deliberately build Iran up as a regional power, in order to “take the USA down a notch”. And it’s 0bama’s people who are running policy in the Biden administration, and telling Biden what to say.

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