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Israel Sent Messages To Arab Neighbors: “We Won’t Endanger You”

Israel sent “behind the scene” messages to Arab countries across the Middle East that its response to Iran will not endanger them, Kan News reported on Tuesday morning.

In other words, Israel will take care not to portray regional partners – some Gulf states and Jordan and Egypt – as the Jewish state’s collaborators.

According to the report, the messages were transmitted due to the deep concern of Middle Eastern countries that Israel’s response will cause Iran to retaliate against them as well, especially in light of the fact that Iran already threatened to respond to any country that opens its airspace for Israeli use against Iran.

Reports that some Arab countries cooperated with the US and Israel in thwarting Iran’s attack has already led to a media campaign against them by the pro-Iranain camp – at an especially tense time in the Middle East when Gulf States, Jordan, and Egypt do not wish to be portrayed as Israel’s collaborators.

A direct war between Israel and Iran that involves Iraq will also affect Jordan and its stability. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also concerned about the effect on their countries, either via the Houthis in Yemen or directly.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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