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Survey Shows Majority of Israelis Perceive Decline in Physical and Mental Health Since War

A recent survey conducted by Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel’s second-largest health maintenance organization, reveals that a majority of Israelis believe their physical and mental health has worsened since the onset of the war.

The survey, conducted at the end of March among over 1,000 Israelis aged 20-75 from across the country and representing all four of Israel’s HMOs, assessed self-reported health status six months into the conflict that began with Hamas’ attack on southern Israel on October 7. The findings were compared to data collected in 2023.

Before the war, 61% of respondents rated their overall health as very good or excellent. However, the latest survey indicates a decline to 46%.

Furthermore, the percentage of respondents rating their overall health as moderate or very bad increased from 8% before the war to 17% currently.

Among those with chronic illnesses, 35% reported a worsening of their condition, with individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds experiencing a greater decline than those with above-average incomes.

The survey also highlighted a decline in mental health, with only 37% of respondents rating their emotional state as very good or excellent, compared to 61% before October 7. Additionally, a quarter of Israelis sought help from a mental health professional since the conflict began.

Sleep quality has also been affected, with half of the population reporting poorer sleep, and there has been a 20% decrease in Israelis prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, 34% of respondents admitted to delaying or canceling pre-scheduled doctor’s appointments during the war, while 20% postponed important medical screening appointments such as mammograms or colonoscopies.

The data breakdown reveals that more women than men perceive a decline in their physical and mental health, and individuals aged 20-49 are experiencing greater challenges compared to those aged 50 and older.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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