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WATCH: Iran Releases Footage Of Attack In Isfahan, Insists They Were Only Drones

A London-based Iranian news channel has released footage claiming to show an Israeli drone strike on a military base near Isfahan, Iran. The unverified video, posted on X (formerly Twitter), captures air raid sirens and explosions, sparking concerns of escalating tensions in the region.

The authenticity of the footage has not been confirmed, but it appears to show a military base in the vicinity of Isfahan, which is confirmed to have been struck by an IDF retaliatory strike on Thursday night.

Iranian officials have been adamant that only drones were used in the attack, despite ample evidence that missiles struck an air base near their Isfahan nuclear site.

Photos emerged on social media shortly after the attack that allegedly show shrapnel from Israeli armaments near the Iraqi city of Baghdad.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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