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Analysts: Israel Likely Used “Rampage” Or “Blue Sparrow” Missiles In Iran Attack

Military analysts believe that Israel used its “Rampage” or “Blue Sparrow” missiles in its attack on Iran.

Analyst Tal Hagin wrote: “My speculation based on the allegation that this missile belongs to Israel: The fins in the front near the cone, the latches for it to be attached to an aircraft, and the large cylinder shape strongly resemble the “Rampage” – supersonic missile developed by Rafael.”

According to the manufacturer: The Rampage long-range supersonic air-to-ground precision strike missile features high survivability, operational flexibility and enables salvo strikes against high-value targets.

Based on advanced technologies and designed for fast response and precision strikes, the innovative air-to-ground missile features
a pre-programmable or in-flight mission profile, Navigation Satellite System/INS with anti-jam capabilities, a general purpose warhead and fire-and-forget capabilities. The standoff weapon enables salvo strikes against high-value targets such as air force bases and control towers, air defense sites, munitions storage, bunkers, logistics centers, communication infrastructures and other infrastructure facilities.

Rampage is compatible with a variety of aircraft and features various methods of aircraft-to-weapon interface: standalone, via avionic system or wireless with mobile device inside the cockpit.”

Weapons expert John Ridge, however, suggested that the missiles used in the attack were Blue Sparrows. Ridge wrote: “So my initial gut feeling was correct, it was not UAVs. The IAF carried out a standoff attack from Syrian airspace with Sparrow, likely Blue Sparrow, air-launched ballistic missiles released from F-15Is. Booster wreckage was recovered in Iraq.”

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