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CLOWN: Iran Mocks Israel After Itamar Ben Gvir’s Idiotic Response To Attack In Isfahan

Itamar Ben Gvir, never content with anything less than overwhelming brute force, whined about Israel’s retaliatory strike in Isfahan, Iran, complaining on X: “Weak!”

Israel has made it clear they will not comment publicly on the strike, with the aim being to avoid escalating the situation further, which could spark a major war. But Ben Gvir took things into his own hands with his complaint.

Tasnim, Iran’s state-run media agency, pounced on the opportunity, responding to Ben Gvir’s tweet.

“The Minister of Internal Security of the Zionist regime wrote to the reports about the Isfahan incident: Weak! The Israeli authorities are mocking themselves!” Tasnim tweeted.

As always, when Israel is trying to accomplish something, Ben Gvir is there to muddy the waters.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

17 Responses

  1. News outlets are supposed to report the news as is, not give opinions about individuals or situations. Op Ed’s with an author’s name are for personal opinions.

  2. Why knock a fellow jew who makes a fair point.They shoot 300 projectiles (over 100 missiles) at Israel.Biden says “Don’t ” Iran ignores.Biden says Don’t to Bibi and Bibi listens Instead of a proportional response he just just יוצא ,sending the wrong message. BenGvir is actually right.Strength is what will defeat Iran Bezras Hashem.

  3. Ben Gvir is not wrong. Saying it publicly on twitter without the power to change anything seems unnecessary, but he’s not wrong

  4. Well played @Jeff Burke. The weakness israel shows iran will be on show for all enemies too see. Lets give these arabs a run for their money!

  5. Ben-Gvir has armed more Israeli civilians to defend their lives than anybody in the world. I find the aforementioned comments disgusting as well as the article itself. So much chutzpa and Kfias HaTov!

  6. I usually side with Ben Gvir. But if he stands for an all-out war with Iran, particularly at this time, I think that’s would be incredibly stupid. Israel needs to finish up the war in Gaza and needs to put secure the city before they move on to iran.

  7. Hey Miriam
    Back up your words.You can’t anything write but venomous disgusting things about another Jew.
    I suggest you show us how he’s a murderer or eat crow and apologize.

  8. YWN your headline is a disgrace
    The way you decide in advance what opinion the reader is supposed to have regarding the issue being reported is as cheap as it gets… but the fact that your opinions are also most of the time totally off just makes it unbearable

  9. “Ben Gvir is a רודף”

    Then hopefully he will be verbally “neutralized” before this vile רודף actually kills people with his mindless commentary.

  10. Yanky1998 , if Ben-Gvir is not your ally then you are an antisemitic sheigetz.

    He even got rejected from serving in the IDF for being too radical

    And this is supposed to be a defect?! Indeed the left-wing treasonous elite of the IDF didn’t want a follower of Harav Kahane HYD to serve. Kahane was 100% right, and the elite’s opposition to him is exactly why we are in this mess now. If they’d listened to him in the 1970s we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  11. Miriam, YOU are a rodef. You and all your NK impostors. You are enemies of Hashem and His people, and are included in the brocho of Velamalshinim.

  12. Whatever YWN feels about Ben Gvir, he is clearly an עושה מעשה עמך and should not have Lashon Hora said about him.

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