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Sen. Fetterman: US Should Send Arms to Israel Immediately, No Conditions

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report” on Tuesday, Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) expressed his support for Israel and criticized the Biden administration’s delay in arms sales to the country. Fetterman praised President Biden’s speech earlier in the day, acknowledging his strong support for Israel, but disagreed with the decision to withhold munitions.

Fetterman emphasized that the US should send arms to Israel immediately, without conditions, as the country is engaged in a war. He said, “I have no conditions. I never have, and I can’t imagine I ever will.”

When asked about the apparent contradiction between Biden’s “ironclad” support for Israel and the slow-walking of arms sales, Fetterman replied that he disagrees with Biden on this point, and that “If anyone should have conditions, it should be on Hamas and its enablers, and its benefactors.”

Regarding Israel’s military actions, Fetterman deferred to Israel’s judgment, saying, “They would know the situation more than I do.”

He emphasized that Hamas is responsible for the conflict and its consequences, including Palestinian civilian deaths, which Israel seeks to minimize.

Fetterman concluded, “Hamas sees that as just their own kind of collateral damage.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 Responses

  1. Senator Fetterman, please tell that to your hero at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Generally we have near zero for him and his moronic legacy. (I think you feel the same way although you march to a wholly different tune!) Convince the moron. Convince the Obama cultured antisemitic. Senator Fetterman, this is your calling!

  2. Politics. Politics.

    Biden has to do his thing for Michigan etc…
    And Fetterman will save PA for Biden.

    It’s all a game.
    But we know the tricks.

  3. I used to think fetterman would be a complete failure. He has shown that he is a true friend of the Jewish people and Israel. Not to mention withstanding the pressure campaign that has been launched against him within his own crooked party. He is a man of principle and even if I vote Trump and GOP across the board, I would do whatever it takes to support that man.

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