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WATCH: Dati Leumi Rabbanim Pasken No Tachanun And Joyous Dancing Following Iranian President’s Death

Rabbi David Chai Hacohen, Rosh Yeshivas Netivot Hatora  told his Talmidim to omit Tachanun on Monday following the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash.

The Rosh Yeshiva described Raisi as a “very ‘special’ hater of Israel” and expressed gratitude at his demise, saying, “This is good news for the Jewish people.” He drew parallels between Raisi and Haman, saying, “If we make a festive meal on the day he [Haman] was killed – then even more so, we should not say Tachanun.”

Rav Shlomo Katz, the Rav of Kehillat Shiras Dovid in Efrat, also told his Kehilla to omit Tachanun, with video of him below providing his explanation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Whether you agree with their mehalech or not, you are blind if you don’t see the beauty and sincerity in their simcha in yeshuas Hashem and recognition that Hashem is protecting us.

  2. @Yanky1988 – would you therefore agree that others should give no credibility to “unsere” Rabbonim? Tell that to the various Askanim who protest loudly when anyone makes a comment questioning or calling out a Chareidi Rav or “Gadol”.

    You want respect, you give respect. It’s that simple.

    an Israeli Yid

  3. Yanky, you think your pathetic Chasidish “rabbis” are any better? Or are rabbis only rabbis when they touch little boys? You’ll looser.

  4. When “גיבורים ” are dying on the frontlines for a personal revenging war, I wldnt be so joyful.
    Of course he was a butcher but so far Im watching Bibi butchering young “גיבורים.

  5. SfaradiGamur:
    Did you mean shoteh gamur? He’s right, of course, that “Religious Zionism” is idolatry. And you misspelled “loser”.

  6. Emesse Yid:
    None, of course. “Religious Zionism” is, as Rav Elchonon wrote, “idolatry mixed with religion”.

  7. @anIsraeligoy,
    No, sorry but Chareidi Gedolim are not on the low level of refurbished unstable ninteen hundred judaism “rabbi’s”.
    The reform rabbi’s tried to push for themselves to be recognised and so on do forth, but it won’t change.
    Judaism will not change, and any deviation from what is traditional Judaism, will just fall to the sides.

  8. and @SafaradiGamur,
    That is a very stupid, and grave mistake to make.
    You belie your title (if you really are sefardi that is).
    Rav Moshe Tzadka and all the other Sefardi Gedolim never speak like that, not about other Rabbanim or rebbes from other communities in Klal Yisrael.
    Look at yourself and not at others.
    There are enough Sefardi Rabbanim from all over that turned out to be not that but really bad stuff. It doesn’t turn our community into one of child touchers, it means that there is a problem across the whole world, there is no community, Jewish or not that has these issues (but in the Jewish ones they are much much fewer.)
    Joseph Dweck originally from the States, turned up on British shores, and decided to become a real low life, by being the “beacon” for twisting one pasuk after the next, and deleting others in regards to to’eva.
    Then we have ex-Dayan A*******, who tried to mercilessly persecute a (yes Chassidish) Rav from another Kehilla, but it eventually turned up, that the reason why he did so, was because he knew that that Rav knew about his wrongdoings and immoral activity, and was petrified of him, and when that Rav was in discussion with the head Dayan of Dayan A’s Bet Din, he turned to the head Dayan and said, Dayan A. knows why he is trying to make up this story against me, but wouldn’t say what.
    Obviously, those who look for the truth, know today, that both accounts, which have no heads or tails, are a total joke, are totally FALSE, but the other Dayan had to flee the UK and was sent packing from the Bet Din, as the story was proven beyond doubt.
    The list goes on and on, we can find evil anywhere we look for it, so lets just keep quiet from pointing fingers, it is ignorant and empty to do so.

  9. @hakatan, @ purenareshkeit – that’s right, keep parroting the same lines from Rabbanim who, 80 years ago, were dealing with a situation much different from today – and whom history has proven made the wrong call in any case.

    The “Zionists” today are not the anti-religious socialist Zionist leadership of the 1930s – they are more the ideological descendents of the Revisionist Zionists – whose founding leader presciently called for ALL Jews to leave Europe in the 1930s. Both of you are, as the Chazon Ish once said, “good Polish soldiers”, still fighting battles that are long over.

    a proudly Zionist Israeli Yid

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