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CLOSED & SHUTTERED: Meron Is Officially Under Military Closure Until Next Monday

The IDF spokesperson announced on Tuesday evening that the commander of the Home Front Command, Maj.-Gen. Rafi Milo, signed an order imposing a military closure on Meron following the passing of the Meron Law, which legislated emergency regulations at the site on Lag B’Omer in the wake of numerous Hezbollah attacks of the site in recent months.

The order went into effect on Tuesday at 11 p.m. and will remain in effect until Monday, May 27 at noon.

“The Home Front Command clarifies that entering the Meron area is strictly prohibited and asks the public to be vigilant and refrain from entering the area and that any access to the closed area is in accordance with the permits issued by law,” the IDF spokesperson stated.

“Arriving in the closed area without prior coordination and approval endangers public safety and human life.”

A B‘Chadrei Chareidim reporter filmed mispallelim dancing at the site on Tuesday evening prior to the enforcement of the closure:


Police barrier in Meron. Photo: Police spokesperson

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The kind of people who would follow the zionist law, as if it is the decisive hashgacha elyona lehavdil, and what the law is, that is the metziyut kind of thing, are only doing people a favour by not going.
    It will be such a nice, holy, pure Lag Ba’omer without them.
    The only reason why I would even not entertain not going this year would be because, as the zionists have proven so many times over the years, that if they see that the frum olam embarrass them to the point they become a laughing stock in the world (because them and their “mighty” strong paper army are just that), then they take revenge on the frum tzibbur.
    They did this In Meron a few years ago, after they were made a fool of in the year before that, when all their “major” “super-technological” systems were just to super for them , that they turned out to be very simple metal gate that would help for the multitudes they were not expecting.

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