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IDF Senior Officer: Israel Not Ready for the Next War

iaf strike.jpgAccording to former IDF Northern District Commander Moshe Evry-Sukenik, a former commander of the IDF Ground Forces Division has expressed concerns, stating the military is not ready for the next war, pointing a finger of blame at budgetary cuts which have resulted in less training as well as a passive attitude among officers in the General Staff.

Sukenik has since left the IDF, resigning in January, in part as a protest over the lack of funding for adequate training. He was also involved in leading an internal IDF investigation into the military’s performance in the war.

Sukenik acknowledges progress has been made since the war, but decries additional cuts in defense spending which have resulted in curtailed training exercises. He insists the current spending realities are taking a toll on troop readiness to face future challenges.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Israel will never be ready for war , but as long as we do what we are suppose to g`d has our back and no one can touch hus so stop fighting and lets have some achdus

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