Police Protection for Kosel Rav


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mishtara21.jpgPolice have assigned bodyguards for Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the Kosel Rav, who is also the rav of the Holy Places around the country. This includes the kever of the Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
According to police, there are “extremist elements” that object to the rav being in granted authority of the kever, and have gone so far as to threaten him and his family.
There have been pashkavilim posted around Yerushalayim and elsewhere opposing Rav Rabinowitz’s authority over Kever Rashbi, a move authorities believe surrounds the funds involved.
The “extremist chareidi element” tenaciously opposes the state’s “intrusion” regarding control of the Tzion, insisting it has no business to do so. This comes in response to a court decision to appoint Rav Rabinowitz to head a five-man committee to oversee the operations at Kever Rashbi. It should be pointed out that NIS millions are deposited at the kever by the many visitors and mispalalim who visit during the course of the year. The rav and his committee now control these funds.
In addition to the degrading pashkavilim, there have been protests outside the rav’s Yerushalayim home, and on occasion, there have been efforts to push demonstrations into his home but they were repelled by police and other security officials.
After a meeting last week between the rav and Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franco, Chief Franco has ordered round-the-clock protection for the rav. A police patrol maintains a presence around his home and last Shabbos for example; one could see the rav was accompanied by an armed guard wherever he went.
Family members and friends of the Rabinowitz family expressed pain over this reality, stating it is most uncomfortable that one requires an armed guard to make one’s way to shul on Shabbos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. these people are not extremists, they are terrorists. they are using terror for a political result, that of having their control over kever rashbi. the fact that rabbi rabinowitz is a huge talmid chochom, and can probably learn any of these terrorists under the table is beside the point. we truly need the yeshuah of moshiach now!

  2. i live nearby on ezras torah its the coolest thing that theres gaurds there,4 cameras (2 outside 2 inside, policemen are passing in there cars rather often its a matziv that is really weird. #1 who said hes such a yodayah sugyah. also even if its acc. to the torah to harass this persons brains out who said they could make noise as late as 10 pm when babies are sleeping and on erev r”h when people go to sleep early bec they have to get up as early as 4Am?!?!