Likud Bumps Feiglin to an Unrealistic Slot


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feig.jpgOne might describe Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu’s response as ‘euphoric’ upon hearing the Likud Court accepted an appeal and has decided to bump Manhigut Yehudit faction member Moshe Feiglin from the 20th to the 36th slot, one that is not expected to enter the 18th Knesset.

Likud member Ofir Okenus, who is close to Netanyahu, filed an appeal to the party’s court based on technical issues pertaining to the party lineup. The court ruled in his favor, deciding to push Feiglin back on the list.

Michael Ratzon was also impacted by the court’s ruling, being pushed back from the 24th to the 37th position, telling party election officials the decision is a miscarriage of democracy.

Many Likud members hailed the decision, stating “they pushed the rebellion aside” while some party supporters are now questioning if they will vote for Likud in the election after the move, which distances the leader of the right-wing ideological faction which most closely represents the principles on which the party was formed.

Moshe Feiglin has indicated he does not plan to appeal the decision. Ratzon announced he plans to appeal.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel


  1. 1. It is not that unrealistic, especially if one considers that several memebers will resign in the course of a term. Polls suggest 30-35 for Likud, and the polls usually underestimate Likud.

    2.”Playing dirty” is part of Israeli politics. In the US it would trigger a backlash, and it might in Israel.

    3. Netanyahu’s tactics make sense under the Israeli system since in order to form a government he needs to take seats away from Kadima (Feiglin is no help with that), but doesn’t mind seats for other right-wing parties (since they are probable preferred coalition partners). If Netanyahu is correct, this move will result in a government more friendly to both Orthodox Jews and to nationalists, though I doubt that anything other than being Prime Minister is motivating his audacious tactics.

  2. we must remember that gaining a seat as a MK is a ‘perfect job’ for an individual that is not interested in working too hard and receiving alot in return.
    The seats that Likud will gain are going to come from NRP, Shas, UTJ, Marzel and right wing Kadima (r there any?) voters. Bibi is running scared from american olim who look at Israel as a holy homeland, and are the core of the Feiglin constituents.

    “In the US it would trigger a backlash, and it might in Israel”. HOPE THAT IT DOES.

  3. #5 – seats from anyone other Kadima and Labor don’t help win the election. If Netanyahu wants to be prime minister, he has to move 10 seats from the left (Kadima, Labor, Meretz, Gil, Arab parties) to the right (not necessarily Likud). If he fails he could end up Livni as his foreign minister in a “national unity government”. Taking seats from the “far right” or “religious” parties won’t help Likud, which expalins Netanyahu’s dislike of Feiglin.

  4. #3, good call. This move will move Likud’s voter base to the left, taking seats from Kadima/Labor/etc and giving them to more right-wing parties. Let’s hope this will help Shas get to 15 seats!