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Hate Attack in Gerrer Talmud Torah in Ashdod

ger1.jpgWhen graffiti was detected on the outside of the Lev Simcha Talmud Torah on Ashdod’s Tzivoni Street in the Chet neighborhood on motzei Shabbos, the principal was summoned. Little did he and others realize that the distasteful graffiti on the outside of the structure was the least of their problems.

To their shock, swastikas and anti-chareidi epithets were painted on interior walls and seforim were defaced, torn and scattered about. Storage cabinets and other furniture were damaged and in some cases, torn from walls.

The school’s principal, Rav Menachem Goldberg and askanim in the local Gerrer chassidic community are certain this is a direct result of the anti-chareidi campaign launched during the recent mayoral election.

Rav Goldberg stated that in the past, there were signs of attempted break-ins, but nothing of this magnitude. Rav Shlomo Tzvi Alter, a son of the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita also arrived to get a first-hand look at what occurred over Shabbos.

Rav Goldberg is calling on Ashdod City Hall and law-enforcement officials to apprehend those responsible and to bring the weight of the judicial system down on the criminals.

Immediately after crime scene investigators completed their work on the scene, Rav Goldberg and others began painting the walls to ensure classes will be held on Sunday as scheduled.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. “this is a direct result of the anti-chareidi campaign launched during the recent mayoral election”.
    Was this a mayoral campaign in Ashdod?
    Can you explain, what this means?

  2. This is the result of a cold-blooded decision by the left-sing, atheist Government to import over 500,000 Goyim from the Soviet Union, in order to offset the increasing voting power of the religious Jews in Eretz Yisroel.

    These criminal bums imported the anti-Semites, who are now attacking our people.

  3. nebach,nebach. and you think that neturei karta is completely off the wall.which they are anyway.And do you still think the Satmar rebbe ztl was wrong in his convictions? I am not so sure.

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