7:15AM News Update from Eretz Yisrael


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9.jpgThe IDF Spokesman reports that 20 soldiers have been injured since the ground incursion began at 7:00pm on motzei Shabbos with two in serious condition and two light. The seriously injured were transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv.

IDF officials are pleased with the pace of the operation and all reports indicate soldiers are well-prepared and the aggressive offensive against Gaza is progressing as hoped.

IDF air attacks, tank fire and artillery fire are continuing, striking out at Hamas with relentless determination.

The UN Security Council did not reach a resolution after convening in emergency session, prompted by Israel’s infantry incursion into Gaza. The United States blocked a Libyan resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire.

During the night, rockets landed in the Eshkol and Shar HaNegev regions. Baruch Hashem, no injuries.

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(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)



    question, i know the army said that they are more prepared than during the lebonan war,but with iran and hizbulla helping hamas,is it smart to go on the ground?? i am afraid of to many casualties!

  2. Let’s give the soldiers a “lift.”
    Remember TOW – Tehillim on Wheels! Whenever you find yourself in a car waiting for someone (or anywheres else, like in a doctor’s waiting room), take out your tehillim, starting from Aleph, and say some perakim. Before you know it, you will have finished the whole sefer. TOW – It’s the way to go!