VIDEO: YWN & HEART Team Visit IDF Soldiers Entering Gaza


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ywnisrael4.jpgVIDEO LINK BELOW: As dozens of IDF tanks crossed the Gaza border heading into battle, YWN captured some amazing video footage from areas not previously covered by any media outlet.

See as the HEART Team broke into spontaneous dancing with dozens of troops to the words Anachnu Ma’minim Bnei Ma’Minim as tanks rumble on by.

Soldier after soldier expressed their profound appreciation for the thoughtful words of Chizuk offered to them.

Well beyond the appreciation expressed by the soldiers, was the Chizuk received by the YWN Editor and the HEART Team as they witnessed a level of Misiras Nefesh of young soldiers as they prepared to face a barbaric enemy YM”S.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for video footage.


  1. I am very “nispael” by the love and courage shown by these hatzoloh men who are always on duty for klal yisrael 24/7 may we all be zoche to see moshiach very soon its such deeds done by our yideshe people which brings it closer thumbs up to all of you hatzoloh may hashem grant you hatzlocha in all your doings sincerely a concerned mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you for the moving beautiful..

    it makes the situation more real for us in chutz laretz. sometimes we are to into our mdx or lexus , house and blackberry to realize how much our tiffilos are needed