A Promise Kept: Merkaz HaRav Receives Sefer Torah From HEART Team


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Just a short ten months ago, the world watched in horror as the Yeshivas Merkaz HaRav in Yerushalayim, became ground zero for a horrific terrorist attack killing eight young Yeshiva boys HY”D and wounding many others.

That Rosh Chodesh Adar will not be forgotten.

As the months have passed, shock and disbelief has been replaced with strength, hope, and unity from the many thousands of Yidden who have taken – and continue to take many beautiful opportunities to show the B’nai Hayeshiva just how much they are loved.

That special feeling of inspiration and of Achdus was palpable this past Tuesday evening in Yerushalayim, as the Yeshiva and the Heart Team came together once again in the same library building. This time however, the HEART Team arrived to deliver on a promise that was made that emotional day, many months ago.

A brand new Sefer Torah written and dedicated to the eight Kedoshim HY”D, was presented to the Rosh Hayeshiva and Bnai Hayeshiva by the Zakheim Family on behalf of the HEART Team. Physically, what remains of that fateful day and is still a fiery testament to the evil and bravery that transpired in this room, was the bullet holed glass windows at its entrance.

As the final letters were written and the Rosh Hayeshiva completed his Divrai Brocha, the Yeshiva and visitors began the Torah procession from the library to the packed Bais Hamedrash. Young Talmidim immersed in their night seder stood up and joined the celebration of true Kovud Hatorah.

“Ki Mitzion Tazai Torah U’dvar Hashem M’yerushalayim” – came to life.
The  message of  Merkaza HaRav is one of Achdus.
We are one nation – TOGETHER.

Yes. A promise kept….

YWN VIDEO & PHOTO LINKS: Click HERE for the video & click HERE for photos, and click HERE for the original story – along with video & photos – when the “promise” was made.

(Berel Septimus – YWN)


  1. beautiful, powerful lesson in araivus…may HKB”H give us reasons to connect to each other on such a deep level only through means of joy and brocha in the future.
    May we continue to grow, and may it be a source of aliya for the 8 kedoshim.