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Bereaved Families: Bring Shalit Home Without Releasing Terrorists

A very short distance from the tent demanding the release of terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit is a tent being manned by bereaved families and their supporters, calling on the government to take action towards bringing Shalit home, but without releasing terrorists.

Yossi Mendelovitz, who lost his son Yuval in the 37 bus attack in Haifa about six years ago was among those in the tent, explaining his empathy for the Shalits, but stating no matter what he as a father is willing to do or sacrifice, Yuval can never come home and he wants to make sure others do not share the same fate chas v’sholom.

Also present are other parents who lost their children in the attack, Ron Karman, the father of Tal and Yossi Tzur, the father of Assaf.

They explain they are obviously in favor of working to obtain Shalit’s release, but they question the price and that is what they are protesting, to prevent additional loss of life. Many of the terrorists released to date have returned to their old ways and as a result, they have murdered another 180 Israelis.

Yossi explains that Gilad is a soldier and when a soldier leaves for battle, there is no insurance, no guarantees.

Angered and pained, Noam Shalit on Sunday said, “If the bereaved parents can look at us and say the soldier should be left in captivity and that will be his fate then let them tell me so to my face and to the IDF soldiers”.

Noam and Aviva are certain that the last days of the Olmert administration present a special period, a window of opportunity that they are certain will not return and therefore, they decided to pitch their tent outside the Prime Minister’s Residence after their son’s release was not actualized in the days, weeks, months and years since he was taken captive.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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