Jail Time for Arab Cook Who Tried to Poison the Pot


courthammer.jpgThe IDF Shomron Military Court last week sentenced Balata resident Ihav Abu Rahil to six years in prison for conspiring to poison patrons of the Grill Express Restaurant in 2008.

The two planned to poison patrons of the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange restaurant on a Tuesday, a busy day, plotting to introduce a tasteless colorless toxic substance into the food.

Ihav and a partner, both affiliated with the al-Aqsa Brigade faction of Fatah, contracted another terrorist to who to furnish the poisonous substance that was to be mixed into the food.

On the day of his arrest, Ihav told security officials the poison was ready and indeed it was, permitting agents to intercept it on its way to Ramat Gan from Shechem.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. will this judge care to eat at a restaurant that Rahil will be working at in six years when he comes out? I think the judge should be sentenced to eat Rahils cooking every day when he comes out.

    Trying to poison innocent patrons because they are Jewish only gets six years? Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

  2. All prison sentences for dangerous criminals, including, but not limited to terrorists, should preclude their release until they are no longer believed to be dangerous. For example, the sentence would be for the criminal to serve 20 years AND demonstrate that he has been rehabilitated. If the criminal has not met this burden of proof, he stays in prison indefinitely, in order to protect society. If the criminal demonstrates early rehabilitation, he still must complete his sentence, in order to ensure justice for the victim(s) and deter others from committing such crimes.