Report: IDF Educational Weekend in Hotel Lacking Proper Kashrus


According to complaints filed by soldiers, the IDF holds educational weekends for soldiers, held in a Jerusalem hotel lacking Jerusalem Religious Council kashrus certification.

According to Jerusalem Religious Council officials, they warned military officials involved in arranging the weekends that bringing in kosher food does not make a hotel kosher. The IDF Spokesman is quick to respond, stating the food given to the soldiers was brought from a kosher caterer, rejecting allegations of any foul-ups regarding kashrus.

Officials report the 7-Arches Hotel on Har HaZeisim is used by the army due to its proximity to areas of interest, related to the educational weekends.

It appears efforts are underway to arrange for the hotel to receive Jerusalem Rabbinate supervision.  The IDF Rabbinate is involved in making appropriate arrangements.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)