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Egged Begins Distributing Chareidi Weekly

eged.jpgEgged is beginning to distribute a weekly newspaper to its chareidi commuters, the ‘BaDerech’, which will be given out to riders on lines with a high percentage of chareidi riders. The paper will be distributed weekly from Wednesday to Erev Shabbos.

Egged marketing official Eyal Yechiel explains that on chareidi lines, the bus driver does not play a radio for passengers, and during intercity routes, which are at times lengthy; the newspaper will fill the void for travelers wishing to read it, providing relevant content for the chareidi public. The newspaper will contain divrei torah on the current parsha, a section on halacha, daf yomi and more. There will also be a children and family page.

The project will be funded by adverts appearing in the newspaper from firms who view reaching the chareidi market in their strategic interest.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Let’s give credit where it is due. This is a very nice, thoughtful gesture by Egged toward the chareidi passengers.

  2. Thoughtful idea..
    Before you know it there will be complaints about the rabbanim giving the dveri torah..

  3. 4. – there must be other questions here to deal with: will the paper be shaimos? will they be able to advertise shaitels? will it be printed on paper that doesnt have a chshash chilul shabbos? who will likely be the 1st ones to make an issur to go on the bus that distributes the paper?

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