Growing Internet Connectivity in Chareidi Homes


Israel – According to data released by the Ministry of Trade & Industry, 24.6% of chareidi homes with computers are connected to the Internet, almost a surprising 25%. The ministerial study also reveals that 41% of chareidi homes have computers.

The study conducted by a branch of the ministry sought to document the extent of computer usage in chareidi homes as compared to other segments of Israeli society. The data was pulled primarily from the database information accumulated by the Census Bureau from 2002-2007.

The report adds that 21.2% of chareidi homes use the computer for work [as opposed to 50.4% among secular and traditional homes]. 15.5% of chareidim use the computer for educational purposes [as opposed to 26% in secular and traditional homes]. Chareidi men are more likely to use the computer (19%) as compared to women (12%) and that chareidi men are connected in larger numbers (27%) than chareidi women (22.5%).

The report is lacking however, as is cited by the ministry, since it does not address usage by the chareidi sector in the workplace or other places out of the home, which is generally higher than in the home.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Exactly what criteria does the ministry use to define “chareidi”? Not all people who would refer to themselves as chareidi necessarily are “chareidim lidvar hashem” in there daily lifestyle.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many of the chareidim who use the internet have a proper filter as supplied by Nativ or Rimon. (I believe that only Nativ has rabbinacal approval). I – for one – am conected through Nativ.

  3. The numbers are higher, wait util you take a poll in Brooklyn(Boro park, Villliamsburg, and Fletbush), Monsey, Monroe, and last but not least Lakewood. Teach them how to function, not baning it AKA “Gedorey Derabonim” anyone can do that.
    Kool Tuv
    Happy Lag check out the live feed of Israel, its a blaze

  4. #1 – of course, if you define Hareidi as “not using computers”, then computer usage among Hareidim is very low.

    Similarly, if you define Hareidi has learning full time, then by definition unemployment among hareidim is 100%, and employed Hareidim are, by that definition, employed Hareidim are “not real” Hareidim.

  5. In general, in a survey of this type, the person asking the question is asked to define himself, according to provided definitions. In all probability the options were something like secular, masoriti, dati, hareidi.

    In truth this is really the only way to do a telephone survey. While in theory someone could ask a whole bunch of questions like “do you learn fulltime, eat only eida hasgakha, go to the army, etc,”. But then you get skewed results as well. Who is going to define what is hareidi or what scale is used to place people.

  6. I’m in EY and connected through Rimon which is a filtered Internet pushed by several Rebbes and Rabonim. #2 is right. It’s not all black and white.

  7. #5 – “Who is Hareidi” is a problem. If you wear a beckesher, are strict in kashrus, have long pe’os, but work for a non-frum company, serve in the army, vote in Israeli elections, etc., are you hareidi?

    What is you dress modern with a kipah srugah, but are strict in kashrut, learn all day, and regard the Israeli government as being apikorisim, are you hareidi?

    and this doesn’t address someone who insists they never use the internet, but then uses the internet without knowing it (email, phone service, etc.).

  8. Who cares how to define a charedei?

    When living in the modern world, learn and teach others how to be mekadesh shem shamayim with all the latest techo innovations. Within the next decade all banking, airline tickets, shopping, news will be accessed thru the internet.
    Do you realize how many adults are involved with continuing education online courses through the computer? They are talking of not publishing white/yellow pages anymore since the info is easily available online. There are secure filters and security systems available for use.