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Water Surcharge to Fight Drought

The budget will include a water tax intended to assist in combating the severe water shortage with the belief if it is costly, people will exhibit increased vigilance regarding water consumption.
A penalty charge of NIS 20 will be imposed for each cube of water exceeding 15 cubes allotted. The new system will begin in July and continue until the end of 2010. The plan is aimed at all families of four persons in the hope of preserving water.
Today, a family pays NIS 4.18 per cube of water for the first 8 cubes. The rate for the next 7 cubes NIS 5.70. Over 15, the rate jumps to NIS 7.90 a cube. That means for each cube exceeding 15 cubes, the rate per cube will be NIS 28.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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