Orange Deal for Chareidi Community


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Orange, one of Israel’s cellular telephone companies, is launching a major campaign targeting the chareidi community. The offer includes to ‘kosher units,’ the Samsung B510 without charge, the first kosher phone supporting Bluetooth technology.
The phone is certified by the Rabbinical Committee overseeing cell phones, and the SIM is locked to only work with a kosher package, closed to internet surfing and SMS text messages.
Vice President of Marketing Erez Paz stresses Orange long-standing commitment to address the needs of the chareidi community, adding the company seeks to find comprehensive plans that address the needs of the entire family. He explains that with this current offer, one receives two phones without charge in addition to one Bluetooth cordless headset.
In short, one pays NIS 8 a month per phone, and receives NIS 8 credit canceling out the payment.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. the samsung is not the forst bluetooth kosher phone there is motorola before but what ypou can say is that the first kosher phone that orange has and has blue tooth