Kiryat Yovel Secularists Building their Case Against Chareidim


While Am Yisrael once again prepares for matan torah, many who do not understand a life of Shmiras Shabbos are working tenaciously to build their case, one they hope will deliver a sizable blow to Jerusalem’s chareidi community.

Anti-chareidi activists in the Kiryat Yovel area of Yerushalayim are gathering information to build a legal case that they hope will throw a wrench in the lives of the chareidim in the area. They insist that the shul located on Ulsvenger Street, a former makolet (grocery store) is illegal, as is the area’s chareidi kindergarten.  They have begun a neighborhood watch to begin recording other illegal chareidi operations in the area towards amassing a file against the frum community.

There are about 6,900 families in the Kiryat Yovel area, and the chareidi community is now estimated to be about 300 families. The secular majority appears determined to prevent Kiryat Yovel from becoming ‘another chareidi neighborhood in Yerushalayim. In one recent battle, authorities ruled that there is a uniqueness to the neighborhood and as such, poles cannot be erected freely such actions, towards building the eruv, must receive permission from neighborhood residents.

The secular activists maintain they have a list of 40 illegal chareidi operations in the area, and they are now gathering affidavits from community residents, preparing to submit their case to City Hall and/or the court.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)