Chevron Yeshiva Graduates to Visit the Holy City 80 Years After the Arab Massacre


heb.jpgIt will be an emotional event, 80 years after the 1929 Arab massacre in Chevron, in which 76 Jews were murdered, 24 talmidim of the Chevron Yeshiva, talmidim and former talmidim will return to the Holy City, walking in the footsteps of the holy martyrs and seeing the area where the yeshiva once stood.

On Friday and Shabbos, 17 and 18 Av, will mark 80 years since that infamous act known as “Tarpat”, taking place as the dates fall this year, on Friday and Shabbos. 24 students of the Slobodka Yeshiva in Chevron were among the Kedoshim, the daily HaMevaser reports.

The rabbonim at the time called for the kvura to take place in Yerushalayim but the British, who ruled, did not permit this, demanding the burials take place in Chevron.

A number of efforts over the years to return the yeshiva to Chevron failed, and today, it continues in Yerushalayim. 

Marking 80 years, thousands of former talmidim are expected to visit Chevron to mark the event. In addition, arrangements have been made to bring relatives of the Kedoshim now living abroad to come to Eretz Yisrael to take part.

While the final schedule has not been decided upon, it appears they will visit the yeshiva site on Sunday, 19 Av, at 4:00pm. From there, the tens of buses will make their way to the Old City, and the Old Cemetery. Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim Shlita will address the tzibur.

At 7:00pm, mincha will take place in the Machpelah while a small group including selected talmidim and roshei yeshiva will visit the old building, now in an area under PA (Palestinian Authority) occupation under a heavy IDF presence. They will make a siyum on Kiddushin, daven mincha and recite kaddish for the Kedoshim. 

On the way back to Yerushalayim, they will make a stop at Kever Rachel at about 8:30pm.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. If efforts to bring the Yeshiva to Chevron weren’t successful, and the Rabbonim wanted it even then, why don’t they try to re-inter the kevorim of the kedoshim in Yerushalayim?

  2. three of the kdoshim were US CITIZENS at the time they were murdered.

    some of the arabs are STILL walking the streets of chevron, today.

    some of the survivors became gdolim, both in israel, and here in america. (i am reminded of the rov of the “shtiebel” of manhattan beach)

  3. Is there any place more heilig than in the city where the Avos are “sleeping” surely they qualified with their own akedah al Kiddush Hashem.
    Zecher Tzadikim Livracha.