PHOTOS & VIDEO: Mayor Bloomberg Visits Camps HASC, Bnos & Town of Woodburne


cov.jpg[Click HERE for photos] (VIDEO LINK BELOW) Continuing on his campaign trail, Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled out of NYC to Upstate New York, and visited Sullivan County in the Catskill Mountains. Travelling with the Mayor was NYC Councilman Simcha Felder, and Mark Botnick who handles Jewish outreach for the Bloomberg campaign.

His first stop was at Camp HASC, where the Mayor spoke with camp directors, and met with many mentally challenged adults & children. The Mayor visited the camp’s gym, where he witnessed the campers play basketball and other sports. The campers were thrilled to meet the Mayor, and quite a few hugged him tightly.

The Mayor posed for a photo with Lakewood Deputy Mayor Meyer Lichtenstein and Camp Directors, and left.

His second stop was at Camp Bnos (an Agudath Israel summer camp), where the Mayor was given a warm welcome by more then a thousand cheering girls in their main ballroom. The Mayor was then introduced, and addressed the packed room.

The highlight of the Camp Bnos visit was when the Mayor was asked to autograph a large painting which had a photo of himself holding a tee-shirt.

At his side in Camp Bnos was Rabbi Meir Frischman, the Director of camp Agudah and camp Bnos, and Rabbi Bernard Freilich, the Special Assistant to the NYSP Superintendent.

Finally, the Mayor travelled to the Town of Woodburne, where hundreds of people were eagerly awaiting his arrival. He arrived with a NYSP escort, and Town of Fallsburg Police were on hand to assist the Mayors security detail.

The Mayor exited his black SUV, and was greeted by cheering supporters. The Mayor was smiling as he posed for photos with those who asked, signed autographs, and proceeded to take a slow walk down Main Street.

He first stopped into the chocolate store, and purchased a nice box full of chocolates, posed for photos with the store owner, and thanked them for their support.

As the Mayor exited the store, a schoolbus filled with Satmar children passed by all holding “Bloomberg For Mayor” signs written in Yiddish. The Mayor smiled, and waved to the children.

The next stop was a fruit & vegetable store, where the Mayor was handed a juicy kosher sour pickle, thanked the store owner and then went next door to the Woodburne Pizza Shop.

The Mayor walked behind the counter, posed for photos, and ordered two pies of pizza. He was joined by supporters at a table, ate a slice, and gave the rest of the slices to children who were packed around his table.

Next was two stops: at the grocery store, and then the Woodburne Bakery where the Mayor was seen smiling and thanking supporters.

Lastly, the Mayor posed for a photo in front of a Catskills Hatzolah ambulance, and a group of Hatzolah Coordinators and Volunteers – including long-time Flatbush Hatzolah member Neil Tepper.

As the Mayor walked back to his SUV, he was given a public endorsement by Jewish celebrity and radio DJ ‘County Yossi’.

“I endorse Mayor Michael Bloomberg for Mayor of NYC”, said Country Yossi. “He’s the best Mayor in the entire country”.

Prior to leaving, the Mayor thanked everyone for their support, took photos with the NYSP Troopers, Fallsburg Police Chief Simmy Williams and officers from the Fallsburg PD, and left back to NYC.

Full photo coverage by YWN photographers Shimon Gifter & Hillel Engle.

YWN VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for video of the Mayor in Woodbourne.

(Moshe Altusky – YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2009)


  1. Don’t vote for Bloomberg. Dispite the will of the people he got the courts to allow a third term. Under his administration more traffic cameras have been installed. The number of brown shirts (meter maids) have increased. He has dictated what we cannot eat, outlawed smoking in bars, drove us crazy about transfats. What we he try to control next? Our salt intake. He has restricted our freedoms. Vote Bloomberg out.

  2. hey bigkhuna – sounds like he’s doing his job quite well! People are speeding less, parking legally, and breathing cleaner air in public places. Those are reasons NOT to vote for him?

    A little less salt in the diet would probably be good for someone who smokes, speeds and parks illegally… 🙂

  3. The end-run around and backflip regarding term-limits is certainly a debatable point.

    But the outlawing smoking and eliminating trans-fats are reasons to thank the man, not pillory him. There is no law, as far as I am aware, that denies you the right to eat trans-fats at home. Nor salt. That people should be presented with better alternatives at public places like restaurants is, I think, quite reasonable. So I think #1 is exaggerating a little.

  4. bigkhuna:

    seriously? on a page with coverage of Bloomberg interacting with and recognizing the yiddishe community, you’re going to vilify him? Bloomberg’s not stupid- he knows where all the jews are in the summer, and what he needs to do to get votes!
    as for your complaints/kvetching, i have to say that in this case “yatza hefseido b’scharo”- the good that Bloomberg has done for the city far outweighs and policies that you may disagree with, besides for the fact that he is a JEW!! i thought it was very considerate of him to put on a yarmulke when traveling in the catskills, for example. he is not ‘out to get you’ in any way, and certainly not in the areas which you mention:
    traffic cameras and meter maids exist so that citizens will abide by laws which are ALREADY in place. they are meant to deter unlawful citizens who speed, run red lights or dont pay meters. any mayor would have done the same.
    as for smoking in bars, i dont know how many bars you’ve been too, but in general smoking in public places is a hazard to everyone around the smoker, as secondhand smoke has similar if not EQUAL affects on the body in terms of lung damage and cancer risk. we all have the right to breathe fresh air when in public.
    and come on, everyone knows trans fats are extremely unhealthy and cause all sorts of horrible health ailments.
    bottom line, yes he may have changed the law to allow a third term, but i see no reason why this should be held against him. he is a wonderful mayor and i wish him the best of luck.

  5. bigkhuna I advise that you obey traffic laws and feed the meters. Otherwise you are right on the money. The only question is will Thompson rescind what you complain of. If not I’m voting for Mayor Bloomberg. I disdain him personally but he is as good a Mayor as we’ve ever had.

  6. Did the Mayor at least leave a large donation at Camp HASC? It’s a most worthy organization and his large contribution would help them continue their important work.

  7. First of all, as this is America, you have the right to vote for whomever you want. If enough people decide Bloomberg is no good for NYC, he won’t get back into office no-matter how much money he spends. Second, I plan to vote for him and believe he has been the best mayor we have had in many years and is the best for NYC.