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Why the White House’s Cold Shoulder

obbin.jpgThere is much speculation as to why US President Barak Obama was opposed to meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, but such a meeting will be taking place, tonight, Monday, during the evening hours (Washington time). The meeting however is expected to be short at best.

The Prime Minister’s Office has been working to secure the meeting for some two weeks, aware the prime minister was traveling to Washington to address the GA Jewish leadership conference.

According to speculation, the White House is uninterested in another meeting, pointing out the president and prime minister met about 6 weeks ago and since that time, there have not been any new developments regarding diplomatic efforts in the region. As a result, Israeli diplomatic officials in Washington have been the target of the White House’s scorn, the recipients of the ill will, but back in Jerusalem, the PM’s Office insists there is not breakdown in relations with the White House.

Another reason given opposing the meeting is the White House does not want this negative signal to further distance the PA (Palestinian Authority) from the negotiating table since the last meeting was a trilateral setting, during the United Nations GA in New York City, an event also attended by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). Abu Mazen has already expressed his disappointment with America’s response to Israel’s refusal to accept a total building freeze, and advisors to President Obama fear the meeting may signal that the president is in Netanyahu’s pocket.

And yet another reason cited in the White House’s displeasure with the prime minister believing he can dictate just when the American president will meet with him, an unacceptable move under existing political protocol.

As late as his departure for the United States, the prime minister was still unaware if the president would meet with him, but he has indeed scored a victory. The meeting may indeed be short, but a meeting is set and he did get his way. The prime minister has also shown an increase in polls among right-wing voters for succeeded in shunning American demands for a total unconditional construction freeze. He has to some degree turned the tables and placed the burden on the PA, which now appears the unwilling party regarding earnest efforts to return to the negotiating table while Israel is ready and willing, without preconditions.

In his address to the GA, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the opportunity once again to blast the one-sided Goldstone Report which accuses Israeli soldiers of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead, going as far as to cite possible crimes against humanity.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. To all of the probably well intented but mis-guided liberals that voted for Obama this is what the Jewish people can expect from him. Obama wants to be the friend of our enemies and with Mr. Netanyahu at the helm he isn’t getting his way of deciding what is best for the Mid-East and extracting concessions from Israel in order to make the arabs his buddies and crown himself the messiah!

  2. why are people surprised? People are upset that this muslim murderer attended the same house of warship (sic) as the 9/11 murderers & that’s where his hate was kindled but no one is asking about Barack Hussein Obama mmmm mmm mmm & his association with his smurch of hate ???????!!!!!!!!

  3. #5 – No one is accusing Obama of murder. Mark Levin was referring to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and questioning Obama’s past close associations of people who preach hatred like William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, etc.

  4. uhh to num 5. /He was referring to the the fort hood shooting and his association…., as well as Obama’s association to his mula (ranting priest).

  5. #1, people voted him in as a reaction to just how bad things became for the average person under Bush/Cheney. That being said, Obama is a foolish person posturing as a great person. He will fix up nothing. Instead of putting forth his campaign urgency to create jobs rebuilding the infrastructure, get bin Laden, create jobs, help people who cant afford health insurance, he is just messing up because he does not know what he is doing. He, frankly, should be impeached for incompetency in his own right.

    It’s like every election is a matter of trying to get rid of the incumbent. Back and forth. Back and forth.

  6. Before I start ala ManChild I want to give a “shout out” to all those who understood what I was saying in my post (#4) as opposed to #5 (Ann, for short) who only sees/hears what they want to see/hear.

    9, I would consider myself an average person and things were NOT “bad” for me under the previous administration.

    The crying shame is that the news media follows this man-child around preaching how he could do no wrong while with the previous administration, things were “a gazillion” times better but we were told they were bad. For example when unemployment was at 5% we heard how incompetent the President was and how he didnt care but with man-child’s wonderful unemplyment numbers at 10% plus and still rising we are told how good things are.

    The remaining questiion is when will the country wake up (B’korov mamesh!) and realize they were duped into this man-child.

    Among the best things I heard about last week’s elections was that in 2008 the USA “felt the need to prove” they weren’t racists, but in 2009 they HAD TO PROVE they weren’t socialists!

  7. Very petty. What’s the big deal here, to meet or not to meet. If Bibi were to call him; wouldn’t he take the call and speak an hour or longer, so why is this any different? Are we talking about babies giving the “silent treatment” or throwing a tantrum, or are we dealing with Presidents and Statesman.

    Imagine if a US President wants to meet an Israeli Prime Minister and is told that “sorry” but you can’t dictate just when An Israeli Prime Minister will meet with him, and it’s an unacceptable move under existing “Israeli” political protocol. Can you imagine what would happen? If I remember correctly President Ronal Reagan was about to call Menachem Begin on the carpet for going beyond what he agreed in the War of the Galilee “The Lebanon war” in 1981. Begin had no choice but became sick and resigned as Prime Minister. He could have had a simpler solution, to just push off a meeting for a few months!

    On a lighter note, a cannibal came home one night for supper, and his wife gave him a cold shoulder.

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