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Gavaad Weiss to Take Part in Intel Protest this Shabbos

gavad.jpgEida Chareidis Gavaad HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss and rabbonim of the Eida will this coming shabbos, Parshas Chayei Sara, take part in a protest against Intel’s operating on shabbos in its Jerusalem Har Chotzvim Hi-Tech Park location.

Eida rabbonim met on Tuesday in the Zupnik Building office on Jerusalem’s Strauss Street and made the decision to add the Intel issue to their battle against chilul shabbos, joining the Karta parking lot operated by Jerusalem City Hall.

According to the news from Meah Shearim, thousands of people are expected to gather at Kikar Shabbos on shabbos morning at 10:00am, and from there, they will walk to the hi-tech park. They expect to pass the Tamir Hall at 10:30am, hoping to pick up additional supporters, and from there, to the Intel office.

Eida officials have announced it is their sincere hope that Intel directors will in the coming days announce they are backing down on their decision to open their Jerusalem operation on shabbos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

5 Responses

  1. I agree with #2. Let’s get rid of the cars on Bar Ilan Road first.

    Also, I propose a solution. Let Intel work, but let only non-Jewish employees work on Shabbat. Let them employ some Arabs, some non-Jewish Russians, and some non-Jewish spouses of Jews here (yes, there are a lot of those who work in IT things in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv). Since Intel isn’t a Jewish company, and the employees wouldn’t be Jews, and there would be almost no *noticeable* activity on shabbos (it’s a closed building with an exit right towards Begin Highway and Highway 9 in the valley towards Ramot, and 443 to Modi’in), I don’t see what the problem would be in that case.

  2. #3 I have an even better solution. Not 1 of these protests have ever stopped even 1 person of chilul Shabbos. Even if you get them to close down, the workers will still be michalel Shabbos at home and at the beach. How about trying to be nice to them, to do kiruv with them that will stop chilul Shabbos.

    In the meantime, the Eidah which I had so much respect for as a bochur learning in Yerushalayim has lost ALL of my respect. They are a bunch of clowns and goons.

  3. ה ירחםi am amazed yeshiva world you let such חצופהדיקcomments who do people think they are we are dealing with big צדיקים תלמדי חכמיםwho i personly know people they help etc.if you dont understand them ok but call them clowns what are you thinking do i understand evreything rav אלישיב רב עבדיה להבדיל בין חייםלחיים the satmar rav roshei yeshivas do does אז מה אמונת חכמיםwhat a discrase dont ask them your עצות שאלותbut keep your mouth closed i hope you especially number 4 do תשובה בשורות טובות

  4. Just wrote this somewhere else:

    Next they’ll decree a boycott of Intel, and chareidim will only buy computers with AMD processors.

    This is such a bad joke.

    I must note that this Meretz guy is wrong: it is right in between several chareidi neighborhoods. On all sides lie (exclusively) chareidi neighborhoods. I worked there for almost 4 years myself, so I know the area quite well.

    However, Har Chotzvim itself is like a little island, and in order to reach it by car, one does not need to cross through any of these chareidi neighborhoods. Very close by are entrances to 1) Begin Highway, 2) Highway 9 (the new valley road) to Motza/Highway 1, 3) Road 443 to Modi’in, 4) the Yigal Yadin road to French Hill Junction.

    Since Intel is a non-Jewish company, there is NO HALACHIC PROBLEM whatsoever with having non-Jews working for them on Shabbat. As the article says, Intel’s CEO (I assume Intel-Israel’s CEO) proposed this as a solution. I fully agree with this. Let them hire some Arabs (plenty of unemployed Arabs with technical degrees on the market), some non-Jewish Russians, and first and foremost, non-Jewish partners/spouses of Israeli Jews (of which I know several, who are very much wanted by companies to work on Shabbat, since they are well-educated Europeans and Americans and are able to work on Shabbat and Yom Tov).

    This entire protest is a silly joke and one that I absolutely refuse to take part in.

    Also, note that Intel actually wanted to completely close its Jerusalem facility and move everything to Kiryat Gat. Now instead of us chareidim being thankful to Intel for providing Jerusalem with hundreds of jobs, we are holding a protest against them!

    I cannot believe it…..

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